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The former physician, Vincent Nadon, is considered guilty of sexual assault and voyeurism


Dr. Vincent Nadon leaves Ottawa's court house in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 23, 2018.

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Traditional medical doctors have been prosecuted for eight years in which medical examinations have been carried out and they have been prosecuted in one Ottawa health clinic for those offenses.

Vincent Nadon, who lives in Chelsea, has been given this sentence on Wednesday, after hearing about a dozen victims of the court after giving birth to emotional expressions.

Within 48 years, 49 victims were victims.

Surreptitiously charged by Nadon charges 38 doctors have medical examinations and sexual assault related to 21 patients.

The police recovered videos saved at Nadon's home.

The victims who read the statements were destroyed and betrayed.

The crown and the defense made a joint eight-year sentence.

Nadon expressed a false lie in trust.

He acknowledged his responsibility and his guilty plebs salvaged the victims of a trial trial, said his defense lawyer.

Nadon stated in the court apology, sadly he said deeply and sought help.

It took more than 15 minutes for the judge to read all posts.

Nadon was in charge of a visit to a pap smear in the doctor's office last January, after finding a cell phone hidden by a female cell phone hidden in a wardrobe.

When Nadon confronted him, the doctor demanded a "training outreach" survey, according to police reports.

The police arrested Nadon next afternoon at the Chelsian clothing store, after seeing the police throwing garbage bags on the landfill. The police imposed a mobile phone in a pink case and a badly damaged hard drive, then found a warehouse for Nadon's home, vehicles, two storage tanks and a clinic.

He was charged with sexual assault and voyeurism.

This led to a wider investigation, leading more victims to sexual assault allegations. Notes were placed against Nadon and in February.

Nadon, a man dressed in white hair, did not see the audience's attention on Wednesday, to read some statements about some of them.

Nadon raised his head.

Most of the victims have done the exams. In most cases, the breasts were visible in videos, and the patients showed dressing and trimming. Statement of events indicated that Nadon also had sexual assault on the vagina without touching his breasts or gloves.

In many cases, he did no medical examinations. In other cases, Nadon moved the patient's clothes out into the study room to allow the camera to catch the breasts.

The victims appeared before the court, explaining how to tear down tears and confiscate violent life.

Many, Nadon named him an excellent physician. They said they could not believe it, the police called them to study Vidona video messages. A woman said she had taken a video when she was pregnant.

He said, so undressing at his husband's face now has trouble with scarred experience.

After his post, the University of Otxako Health Service Nadon withdrew from post office and practiced at his four clinics. He graduated with medical practitioners at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Nadon was a student, teacher and member of the University of Ottawa Health Service who was over 25 years old.

The university has a contract with the clinic, independent and owned.

When Nadez initially gave birth to his wife and brother, he gave $ 10,000 as collateral.

However, he returned to jail, set additional charges and had many appearances on the court, asking for more time.



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