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The giant spider drags a POSSUM into the forest floor, a frightening foil

If you are a spider-friend, now you want to look no further.

University of Michigan scientists have captured images of dreaded spiders through the forest floor.

The most surprising incident is the single interaction of predator predators of 15 in the Amazonian buffalo survey.

The group spent a month in amazonian rainforests – a popular ecosystem.

Tarantula dragging a mouse

Initially, reptiles and amphibians focused on arthropods, including insects, spiders and scorpions.

The interaction between spider and groom happened at night, after researchers' listening to some scrabbling leaflets.

Michael Grundler, the author of the researcher, said: "We looked at it and saw a huge tarantula on the prison.

Tarantula tarantula in front of a frog frog in Bolivia

The spider ate with the frog's frog

"The Bomber has caught the tarantula at that moment and it still struggled, but about 30 seconds stopped."

Fortunately, Mr Grundler's sister, Maggie, filmed a storm, which made a tarantula for the size of a dinner plate and the size of a softball.

Thanks to other living creatures, the group watched the spiders exploding frogs and lizards, as well as a coral snake eight times.

An aryan preying a spider

Joanna Larson, author of the research, said: "Coral snakes are very dangerous and can kill humans.

"Seeing an anthropologist was very amazing.

"Cigars are scary animals, really."

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