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The H1N1 swine flu flu virus is back – you need to know here


In 2009 we hit the H1N1 flu flu flu. It hurts the vaccines. 120 people were killed in Ontario. And now he's back. Dr Bryna Warshawsky, Medical Director of Public Health Ontario, tells us what we need to know about this year's tension. 8:31

In 2009, Ontario obtained a strain of swine flu called H1N1. It hurts the vaccines. More than 120 people were killed in the province. It now goes back and seems to be harder for children than the flu usually does.

Dr Bryna Warshawsky, Medical Director of Public Health Ontario, tells us what we need to know about this year's tension. He talked CBC at Conrad Collaco This year's flu season and how H1N1 made a conviction. You can read the short and edited summary of the interview or listen to the entire audio dialogue by clicking on the top play button.

Dr. Bryna Warshawsky, Public Health Ontario

Dr. Bryna Warshawksi is a medical director at Ontario Public Health. (Public Health Ontario)

How is this year's version worried about in 2009?

It's pretty similar. The difference is that it was the first time in which voltages were circulated in 2009. As the population had a very low immunity, it approached many people, especially younger ones. Since then, this tension has passed several times and we have annually vaccinated against this tension. We now have immunity, so people get less sick.

What has never been vaccinated with us? Or have they never shot against the flu?

It's definitely not late to get a vaccine. It takes about two weeks for the flu to get the most out of its effectiveness. We know that H1N1 probably runs for a week during the winter season. We often see a spinal B voltage. This happens many times in the winter. Taking the vaccine will help to prevent this strain. Next year, the best time to vaccinate is in early October / November.

We do not know why the flu is happening … This year, we went to B on the B and A flu.– Dr. Bryna Warshawsky, Public Health Ontario

They are suggestions for prevention. What do you want to treat?

Most people with influenza will have better. People should seek medical attention if they are particularly ill. However, there is treatment for some people. We feel better and can avoid some complications such as pneumonia. This medication is especially important for elderly people or under-medical persons, young people or pregnant women. These people should consult their healthcare provider.

How has the H1N1 tension of swine flu occurred?

H1N1 has passed many years since the pandemic in 2009. We obtain an A voltage every year, following a voltage B. There are two problems that can arise from A strain. H1N1 is one and another is called H3N2. In a certain season, one of them circulates. This year, for some reason in Ontario, we are seeing a bit. We do not know why it causes the flu. In general, we have a voltage A in line with B voltage.

What else can we know about this year's flu in Ontario?

We started a bit earlier than the rest of the country. This year, it seems like in more than a few weeks. Fortunately, it seems that they have not been the ones who have had the most holiday, it can often be a problem in the health system. We still do not get the flu season.

Are we raising the number of children undergoing Ontario appetite?

We do not have specific Ontario data, but we know that H1N1 causes the disease mainly in young children and young adults. We see a similar profile seen in another country.

Flu is impossible. Last year, the same happened between A flu and B flu. It's definitely not late to get a vaccine. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to be effective. If you follow H1N1 for two weeks, it will probably be.

Most people who are born are more likely to experience flu. When you vaccinate, you have less chance of passing the infection to others, especially people with a risk of complications such as elderly people, underlying medical conditions, young children and pregnant women. For these people, it is very important to integrate childhood and people around them. If you are a young person and healthy, if it is vaccinated, it is advisable to predict that the flu can compromise complications.

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