Monday , October 25 2021

The Happy Harbor cometh in Edmonton for 20 years after closing the doors


Edmonton's comic book lovers have expressed happiness and gratitude, as it may be, happy after happy January's friends.

Calls to social media and phone calls closed after closing the store closure after Tuesday afternoon subscribers reported. Although they are edible, 10729 104 St.

Jay Bardyla, the proprietor of the store, said they were not going to want to be a renewal for the public until the new year, but once they talked about, they decided to find out about the social networks of the citizens.

"Most of the news will disturb you and most suddenly, we will apologize," he wrote.

Busy "New Comics on Wednesday" is trying to work, Bardyla said the public's response was overwhelming.

"I did not have the idea. Happy Harbor is doing things for the community, it has always been our goal, but you never know what's going on," he said. "Now I start to see the impact and I feel a little bit bad."

The decision to close the business that started the town in Jasper began almost 20 years ago. Bardyla and co-owner Shawna Roe were suddenly thinking of it as a bit of a bit of new adventures.

The store was running more and more time consuming and consuming more and more in the comic book industry, said Bardyla.

"After 20 years, when we had to work and start working as soon as we were struggling, we did what we did and how we were doing," he said. "How much would you fight after 20 years?"

The business was still stable in the downtown area of ​​the boutique, once the four locations in Edmonton reached its peak in 2011, Bardyla said. The sale of the brands would not seem realistic for their owners, and they would allow other companies to let go back.

"It's better to go after things and hope … (other stores) we have to do all the programs and policies we have survived."

At the store some community organizations, such as a food bank, pride center, and proven schools and libraries were tested for more than 10,000 dollars in comics.

Happy Harbor is also the only residence in the country's corporate residence, arranged by a comic shop amongst 13 artists, organizing children's camps and organizing local artists to promote the creation of content.

Bardyla said she was reading reading stories about Wednesday's requests.

"I do not know what they mean to others, thank you, because they did not come, I do not know where I would be," he said.

The store will be closed for January 31 from January 25 to January and the program is sent.

As regards the next day, Bardyl's time has elapsed for a long time, but she wants to go back with the new adventures of the community.

"I can change one of my holidays I have had in my life, this has been my life, everything," he said. "I have many opportunities in front of me … I will not waste any waste."

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