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The head of Snowbirds raises the hidden economy in the south


Larissa Novak's holiday plans are used for irrigation of plants to clean up mail and toilets.

Not his own, you. Novak maintains gaps and pets in homes, while owners leave behind the southern sun.

Larissa Novak plays 6 year old Black Labrador Retriever Candy at Spring Garden Park in Etobicoke. Novak cares for homes and pets left behind while they are looking for the sun.
Larissa Novak plays 6 year old Black Labrador Retriever Candy at Spring Garden Park in Etobicoke. Novak cares for homes and pets left behind while they are looking for the sun. (Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star)

"They have fun, I've worked," said Larissa Novak in Kingsway K9 and Kitty Etobicoke.

The climb is a trip season. Last winter, Air Transat traveled 1.7 million passengers from Pearson International Airport to Mexico and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, WestJet flies 130,000 flyers every month from Flyer, Sunwing only has 28,000 Toronto-style vacationers on their last Christmas Day.

That is, one million Canadian retirees, who spend at least 31 days in the United States, according to the Canadian Snowbird Association.

The whole economy of the puppets and snow-fighters has been able to maintain short-term and long-term winter travelers.

Novak makes live cigars more than just iguanas, starting at $ 20.

"I've also ridden snow parked cars to see more dwellings in homes. A snow-covered car is a sure sign of a thief," said Novak, who has been cut for decades during this holiday season. His works with five Kingsway cats down the mansions.

The owners go to Florida or Mexico, where the second homes, or Alberta, visited their grandchildren.

Some insurers need houses between 48 and 72 hours while the owners are away. During the 30-year home visit, Novak has found trees, open doors, open windows, stovetop elements and once again the anger of the squirrel that demands animal control.

"You are paying in peace," said Etobicoke landscaper Murray McConnell, who will be wintering on vacation for 10 winter vacations.

Homes, "all within the range of the social situation," said McConnell, who is a longtime client.

Some travel to Florida and Ontario to see medical appointments or grandchildren. Basic services, such as snow removal and mail collection, are 100 dollars per month. (The bird's e-mail is sent by email to Canada for $ 30 a month).

One elderly couple head south to return to the first week of November and April in November. For this reason, McConnell controls home remedies for water damage and launches a luxury car to keep his battery pack for $ 200 a month.

Soil is not necessary to worry about the snow when you are on the beach. Homemade plants, however, are another story.

"Everyone who pays for our plants to die. Now we use our daughter, who we do not pay, but it's the same thing to kill," said Brian Thornhill.

The annual Caribbean boat does not matter, "because new fresh plants get at least once a year."

Holidays can sometimes be sent to vacation. Oakville Cat Castle is a feline hotel between sunny rooms and birds.

Kennel airplane business in Christmas, March, summer holidays and weekends, with a daily fee of $ 27 per day. Some cats are one of a few months, such as Lola's most frequent guest, whose snowbird owners get a long-term discount. To bridge the distance, the owners can rent Cat Cam services daily for $ 4 a day.

"Thus, they have a 24/7 video access kitty and they can talk to them," said Kylie Brezden, director.

When homeowners return home, they come back for everyone to start their summer vacations.

Amy Pataki, a Toronto restaurant critic and reporter, covers all the hospitality. Follow on Twitter: @amypataki

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