Monday , May 29 2023

The high tech search company Atlantis has found


If it is an archaeological discovery, the world would turn itself into a lost city of Atlantis. Many have searched for local mythical traces, but none have been found and found to have been discovered by researchers in the past.

Now, with a high-tech hardware suite, the company called Merlin Burrows finally believes that the location of the city has been determined. Needless to say, you should take everything you need to read from this point with a large salt.

Plato wrote about civilization a thousand years ago, because its incredible technological advances and wealth were not the same and the city eventually destroyed a terrible event. Nobody really knows, if Platon needs to understand his writings as a documentation of the existence of the city, or if he was trying to overcome excessive dangers, many people did not stop looking for Atlantis.

Merlin Burrows intends to release a documentary about what the land and the sea are looking for, "hidden or hidden" things, that is, real Atlantis.

About the Doñana National Park, located in Cadiz and Seville, just as it was at the time of Atlantis.
About the Doñana National Park, located in Cadiz and Seville, just as it was at the time of Atlantis.Magnus News Agency

Talk to Live Science, the CEO of Merlin Burrows, Bruce Blackburn, says his team believes that satellite data is believed to be a city in the city. Many years ago they began work, and, according to Blackburn, they chose the location based on Plato's writings, as well as other texts.

This place, located next to the coast of Spain, in the Doñana National Park, was then search for clues. Merlin Burrows said that he had found traces of temples and towers on the field. The dated material, which is thought to be the first concrete, was suggested between 10,000 and 12,000 when Atlantis was called.

As British historians believe, Atlante lived in small islands in a sea, nowadays in Doñana National Park, Andalusia, Southern Spain.
Magnus News Agency

One of the groups claimed by Atlantis finds it for the first time, and this is not the case that researchers could be sitting in this particular Spanish location. However, Merlin Burrows will provide information on the documentary "Atlantica".

In so much past "discovery" of falsehood, vast archaeological communities are quite corrupted in the discovery of Atlantis. If this is true, we all have a great success, but for now we have to cross the toes.

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