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The Jets players were defeated by OC Jeremy Bates: sources

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Jets' changing-room players seemed to be universal and respectful to Todd Bowles and they thought what was happening.

Apparently, Jeremy Bates is not an offensive coordinator.

Batesen's outline and attacking Jets, according to many NFL sources, the growing frustration was that Jensen was quite significant. It was not clear how the players arrived, or how their agents spoke. But a source clearly "Mike (Maccagnan, GM Jets)".

Veteran Receiver Jermaine Kearse A few of those complaints on Monday said the reporters were not happy how Bates used this season. Kearse, with just 37 37-meter 37-shots, said Bates had a "back burner". He also said that "there was no match" Bates wanted to do.

"I felt that it was not part of it," said Kears. "I feel like I have put a back burner a bit, that is, it may happen. The best year in my statistics earlier this year, I had a lot of hope. It was very frustrating and unfortunate that things were not the way I expected, sometimes it happens.

"I think (Bates system) played a role? Yes".

But Kearse, free agent-to-be, 810-meter and five-touch device, 65 shots a year ago, was a unique problem with Bates. A player had a problem with the "lack of creativity" and was very conservative. Bates' regular scheme, especially during the season's first season Sam Darnold throw down

What Kears posted in November about the issues. When he asked him, he told Jets that he should have more creativity, "I'd rather go over that question. I'm sorry." And when asked about the level of confidence in the Bates group, he called it a "tough question" and did not answer.

"There were only a few things without control," said Kears on Monday. "Things have changed since last year, I'm definitely frustrating. I do not sit here and I guess all the guys. I'm careful. I'm taking it. I think we're also weighing it. It was not a match."

An NFL agent claimed that he could be a free agent at least as an offensive player, although Jets kept Bowles from scrimping, Bates had to shoot them, so that any free shot player wanted to shoot so desperately.

Bowles had a difficult second season with his offensive coordinator. His former coordinator, John Morton, only lasted for a while, and a source told the team that other supporters and players to clash. Former players claimed that Morton's play-calling and private frustration with the scheme.

Outrageous negligence problems were one of the biggest problems in the Bowles area: it is impossible to gather top staff. It's not Morton nor Bates's best options to take offense, a source said. Careful job security and lack of talent in the list Bitles made it difficult to collect buses.

Jets' crime was not good at Bates, an offensive coordinator for one year. He ran 29th in the NFL, with an average 299.2m in the game, 25th passing (197.8) and 26th (101.4). Jets scored 20.8 points for each game, that is, in number 23.

Under the leadership of 42-year-old Bates, Jets were not considered offensive. Its best receiver, Quincy Enunwa, injuries sustained throughout the season. Kearse, though he thought his role, struggled throughout the year. He lost two wounds in both races, Bilal Powell and Isaiah Crowell – And before that Elijah McGuire He lost half of the season.

At the end of the season, Bates had hit Patchwork as a third-chain offensive and the return of the shooter (Andre Roberts) as his first receiver. And, of course, he was playing with a rookie quarterback full-year.

This was the biggest success of Bates. Darnold had a seasonal fluctuation, earning 57.7 wins at 2,865 meters in 13 games, 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. But under Bates' lead, Darnold ended up powerfully, winning 64% of the last four games of the season, just 931 meters, six touchdowns and just one interception. That was a good quarterback with 99.1.

Bates must hire with Jets, though Bowles officially went on Sunday night. It's not expected to go back to Jets, however, and bowles' former contributors are expected to shoot at the end, too.

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