Wednesday , October 20 2021

The kite lights up tonight


The night sky will live this weekend on a weekend, the comet green on the Earth's surface, on the Geminid weathering heel, by displaying green fireballs.

Comet 46P / Wirtan began to brighten in November, but on Sunday it will make the closest approach to Earth and will be visible to the eye. The kites will reach 7 million miles of land, so it will not be 20 years. That's 30 times the distance of the moon.

According to Komet, the brightest star should be shining on December 16 with the star of Little Dipper's handle, according to NASA. But nowadays, nowadays, it is the brightest night scene and the brightest of 2018. Visible as well as the eye.

The University of Maryland's astronomy department said Comet 46P would be the closest to the 1950s comet, with only a few being seen by mere eyes.

"The Christmas comet" appears in our heavens five years after the sun shines. The sun came on December 12th. In 1948, Carl Wirtan, a senior observing assistant in the Lick Observatory in California, is the first man to see.

"Looking eastwards, a tiny binocular or telescope, a green and fake comet, will be near the Orion constellation or casserole," said Brad Tucker, Austrian National University Astronomy and Astrophysics School.

If you look like a meteoric shower, you want to be in a field without light pollution. Check out everywhere for sunset and dawn.

Check to find the best part of your world.

Unless you can see it, the virtual telescope project will transmit observations of its robotic telescopes.

So why does comedy look fake or flimsy? Three quarters of a quarter have a core of less than a mile wide. But the atmosphere around comet, or comma, is higher than Jupiter. When the sun goes by, this ice kite melts substantially. That's what creates a glowing green cloud.

The diffusion of koma and its brilliance is really harder to see, especially binoculars or telescopes. Astronomers announce that the comet's prediction will be a magnitude of 4.2. This means that the dark, clear, and clear sky is not clear.

Unlike cometary observations, the tail of the comet will be left behind, and the tail will probably not be seen unless the curve is developed before the nearest Earth curve.

Comet 46P was originally from the European Space Agency, where the Rosetta probe was buried to bury its surface, but the launch of delays was created with a new goal. (Rosetta fell to Comet 67P in 2014).

"With Wirtanen's comet, it's easy to choose for another mission," said Jim Lattis, director of the University of Wisconsin's Astronomy Extension Center, UW Space Place. "This means that seeing the comet is that it can be very important each time close."

OSINTIS-REx mission to study Bantu Asteroids, like traces of early solar system, Comet 46P can provide similar knowledge.

"We are exploring the things that were created during the formation of the solar system and since then it has been in deep freezing," said Lattis. "When these things come in and they allow us to study, we are seeing raw materials, Earth and other planets and everything else."

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