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The Latest Smash Bros. Removes the Ultimate Update "Jack" and "Brave" Removing Names

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Since Nintendo announced it would add more than one DLC fighters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are rumors and predictions about the next characters on the way. He reported a "leak" with a lot of traction, which originated in the Japanese textbook 5 pipe. After all was published by an apparent leaker, that was officially confirmed. At that time, the individual considered more information about the Joker DLC fighter.

The other parts of this immission centered on the Middle Ages at Square Enix for a long time Dragon Quest series – a character that appears as a recurring legendary hero, with a sword in his hand and with multiple weapons. Shortly afterwards, the "trusted database" allegedly revealed the names of DLC seasonal cross fighters. Based on the information provided by Post Reset, which came back from the beginning of the year, the first one was "Jack" – it was an alleged reference person The series, and the second was "Brave", an apparent reference to the heroine of Dragon Quest. In Japan, this class is called Yuusha, directly in English, the brave & # 39; Becoming. "Packu" – the piranha plant code name has also been viewed directly.

Super Smash Bros. Following the latest version of Ultimate 2.0.0, "Jack" and "Brave" code codes have been reported in the game's source code. Or Nintendo is trying to cover evidence, or the code names are not required. If it seems incredible to us, we are guessing that Nintendo will have more caution in the future when choosing the code names.

What do you do? Super Smash Bros. Do you want to see a character from the Dragon Quest depicted in the Ultimate? Tell us below.

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