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The London Gatwick Airport was completely shut down after seeing 2 drones


Gregory Katz, Associated Press

Published on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 8:28 PM EST

The London Gatwick airport closed on Wednesday, when officials urgently investigated flying over two drones aircraft.

The airport canceled all flights, due to serious interruptions, one day after Christmas, one of the toughest travelers in the year.

The police and aviation authorities were still investigating Thursday's incoming flights to other British and foreign countries.

Travelers reported on Twitter that the aircraft landed in London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities. Other flights were sent to France and to the Netherlands.

A traveler was diverted by a passenger tweeted a passenger was not told to reach his destination.

Gatwick advised passengers to go to the airport via scheduled flights on Twitter via Tue. It is recommended that travelers first pick up passengers first.

A problem in Gatwick causes the twist of the British and European continent, especially during the holiday season, when the air traffic control system is in high voltage.

It is a busy airport, 27 km (43 km) south of London, the short-term and long-haul accommodation and budget carrier being the main site of easyJet.

Gatwick usually works throughout the night but the number of flights is reduced due to noise restrictions. The airport web page manages 18 to 20 flights overnight in winter.

Gatwick said he was sorry for the inconvenience, but he had to put his first safety.

More recently, almost all London-based commercial airliner reports have been on occasions.

Retail sales of consumer dams have provided ongoing warnings about threatened scheduled flights.

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