Tuesday , May 18 2021

The magnetic-magnetic field of the planet involves emergency updates in the global navigation system

The North Pole Magnetic Earth is moving towards Siberia very quickly, and experts do not know why.

The simplest movement has been responsible for monitoring the magnetic field of the planet, to update the system under global navigation, from Google Maps to shipment.

Iron liquid surrounds the Earth's core, magnetic field, and so the poles gradually change and are often predicted.

Scientists need to update the Global Magnetic Model to map this process, and the newest 2015 version will last until 2020.

However, the magnetic field has changed so rapidly and radically as at the beginning of 2018, a routine check was being carried out by the British and United States researchers.

The notable changes were so great that the navigation error was overcome.

To this end, the British Geological Survey and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists are creating an unprecedented emergency alert for the model.

They have fed the latest data and included an unexpected geomagnetic ignition underneath South America in 2016 to be more precise.

The North Pole movement, accelerated over the past 40 years, has expanded the magnetic field and made the necessary new models.

His liberation continued unabated, but the US government is suspended until late January.

Changes are essential for the use of aircraft, boats and smartphones, as they use the Earth's magnetic field, which is looking for directions.

The Arctic around the North Pole has felt an enthusiasm for the change, so that any vessel in the region has a definite mistake.

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"As long as the pulley is underway, this region goes down to bigger mistakes," said Arnaud Chulliat, NOAA geomagnetist. Nature.

However, scientists are still not clear about what's going on behind the latest changes.

The waves rising from the Earth's core are subject to geomagnetic pulleys that occurred in 2016 and, as a result of north pole variation, high iron velocity iron is found in Canada.

While investigations that are undergoing dramatic changes underway continue, researchers hope that the latest update will be accurate until the next scheduled for 2020.

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