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The main MCU will solve the captain Marvel

The first female director of the movie Marvel was not enough to stand out, Captain Marvel In the past Marvel Cinematics of the Universe and in the future of Marvel Cinematography.

Fans have already been published about all the details Captain Marvel how to create it Avengers: Endgame and as we know the MCU's headache. But this is not the only thing that Brie Larson's solitaire movie plays in the vast universe of important components.

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What are you asking? Well, step up and see the mysteries of MCU Captain Marvel it will resolve …

1. Where was it?

Marvel Captain Avengers Infinity War post-credits scene


Since NickFury used this last whiteboard Avengers: Infinity War, that fans had Marvel captain all the time and why he had not contacted him before.

Actually, Captain Marvel would not return to Marvel's first plan Avengers it happened However, it is still a problem in avoiding the ongoing movie problem.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige said Captain Marvel was strong, and that's why Fury had something much more "better" than ever. All this is good and good, but if it were so powerful, would not it be like being a New York Battle? He left right away.

The Captain Maruri was given a Furyi pager (and we saw the first trailer), which could explicitly indicate how Fury could have a direct relationship. Maybe it's in space and it gradually shuffled slowly.

Also, as Thanos could have worsened at a certain moment, Fury was told that the baby was becoming dusty.

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"Through these films we will understand why Fury makes decisions, it is definitely a mysterious one and always has its reasons, but we expect some clarification from audiences," said executive producer Jonathan Schwartz Collider about about pager

It will not take more than one line of conversation Captain Marvel This will solve this problem, but will answer. Marvel is not so wise.

2. What happened to Nick Fury's eyes?

Captain Marvel, younger Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury

Marvel Studios

Since Nick Fury's premiere of the MCU Iron ManThe post-credits scene, the eye on the left eye and the surrounding scarrings. Comics warned about the survival of World War II (the comic book is Fury much look older), today's movies have avoided how it happened Captain Marvel he came, that is.

"You will see exactly the origin of what happened," Samuel L Jackson recently confirmed Captain Marvel Fury's life will never be seen in a MCU.

"You need to know that you have a family. It refers to that. You do not see it, but they are mentioned in a different way", he explains. "We'll get more backstory, and we'll become more familiar with that person you originally met Iron Man. "

Some fans point out that proximity to Fury, Marvel's Chewie captain (renamed the Goose for the movie) will be the second trailer, especially when it comes to Chewie really like a Flerken cat.

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Unfortunately, we think that it will be the width of the brand, but you do not know …

3. What are Skrulls?

Captain Marvel, Skrulls

Marvel Studios

Comedian fans will know Skrulls for a while, but Captain Marvel It will mark the second foreigner waiting until the MCU is reached.

It will be drawn in the classic movie Avengers & # 39; Kree / Skrull War & # 39; The story of the Marvel captain fighting for Kree (we have already seen in MCU Missed Guardians and SHIELD agents). According to Schwartz, Skrulls is confronted with the mission of an alien planet "Skrulls finds himself and finds himself on the Earth."

This will bring Fury with the Skrull plot to fight Earth, Ben Mendelsohn's Skrull leader, while Talos will take on "human form." The MCU does not always follow comics, so it's interesting to see what happens, if any, with the MCU's version of Skrulls.

The introduction of Skrulls's important comic book featured a mechanism called "Secret Sequence 4" called a MCU. Here are some of the main figures that cause Paranoia to be among the Marxian heroes. all war

That might be Captain Marvel The entire "Secret Invasion" is in a single movie, but it has a story of Phanos 4. Maybe, even if we did not know who we thought, Skrull really is Avengers: Endgame

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4. How much is Quantum Realm?

Ant-Man in the Quantum Realm

Marvel Studios

Although he entered into eight films, he joined Ant-Manwe still do not know about Quantum Realm, much more important than MCU.

Scott Lang stopped, finally, we saw him, and fans would have to lie down as dead Avengers. Scott could be stuck, because it is crucial to Doctor Strange's plan.

We know that the Quantum Realm will be Captain Marvel Somehow, and intriguingly, Samuel L Jackson recently said that "the time to travel is a bit of a Marvel universe".

It has been a long time since the suspicion that Quantum Realm can be used as a version of the MCU's version of the trip, and we believe these two proofs Captain Marvel how could it show Perhaps we will receive a Fury call for recreation in the film and use Quantum Realm in the 90s to travel to the future.

Certainly, it would be a great excitement Avengers: Endgame – Engage as much as he needed.

5. What has happened to Ronan and Korathi?

Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, leader of Starforce Jude Law

Marvel Studios

OK, maybe this is not an MCU question, it looks like it looks Missed Guardians he was not so loved.

Still, Korop Pursuer Starforce, along with Captain Marvel, was intriguing in the first images of the film. The film also marks the return of the MCU's Korath Missed Guardians boss Ronan the Accuser, though not part of Starforce.

Maybe it's a bad thing or Starforce knows Marvel's captain thinks, but it's much more that the movie goes into the past of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. We first met people Guardians movie

"Ronan's older version is that we've never seen what we've seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. So, its station in Kree is the same as in the World, and it is in its own way that the military Kree plays an interesting role with Starforce, "said Schwartz Collider.

Ronan turns Korath's "dark side" into something? We'll find out Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel It was released on March 8 Avengers: Endgame Released on April 26

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