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The malabsorption of nutrients requires a full probe when choosing a diet


Dr. Roach: In the last column, you have described the symptoms of malabsorption due to loss of weight, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. My doctors did not mention this as a possible diagnosis. Is there FODMAP avoiding high foods (what should I do)? Sometimes, I'm afraid I do not get the proper nutrients we eat properly.


Malabsorption is to eat your body when you can not get the food you need. It requires a thorough investigation for a detailed diagnosis, because treatment is a subjective cause.

The most common cause in North America is the celiac disease, and protein and wheat protein are a sensitivity. Celiac disease is common, but it does not have classical symptoms of malabsorption. It only causes abdominal disease after eating, or even fuzzy symptoms. In most cases blood tests may be diagnosed. The treatment is eating a gluten-free diet.

Some people can not be absorbed in some foods. For example, enzymes that digest lactose and fructose are often missing, but lactose intolerance is much more clinical. Most people know about the symptoms that occur after the dairy products, but sometimes the diagnosis is not clear. It is not clear, the diagnosis can be done through the respiratory system.

It is another nutrient that is often fatty. Malabsorzio fatty screening is a test test for fat feces. At present, there is a need for a pancreatic insufficiency in the clinic. The pancreas makes a critical absorption of the enzyme fats.

There are many other causes, but I will discuss this is Crohn's disease. One of the intestinal inflammatory diseases is often presented with pain and abdominal stomach along with intestinal bowel bleeding.

However, first-class muscles also appear, those with weight loss, abdominal pain or diarrhea due to malabsorption. Endoscopy, colonoscopy or barium would be considered for people with malabsorption, for no clear reason.

FODMAP is "oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols fermentables". These people digest many people, and they also have some fructose, lactose, gluten and sweeteners. The FODMAP diet is very effective in many subjects, especially irritable bowel syndrome, but I do not recommend a small FODMAP diet to evaluate the symptoms below. I recommend a dietary / nutrition diet to determine the diet.

Dr. Roach: Why do we silence?


Suspicion has at least two reasons. In the first case, it is a mechanism for opening and opening the air cells called alveoli called lungs. A very deep breath will open completely. The neurological control of the filters were recently identified in the brain by mice, with similar patterns of humanity.

The second is an emotional scene, a type of communication that is also a response to difficult tasks. You may need to take steps before testing a potential solution.

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