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The man who killed the officer killed the man beforehand

Calgary police officers Stephen Cook leaves the Calgary court on December 18, 2013. Darren Makowichuk / Calgary Sun / QMI Agency

The Americans were killed and Stacey Perry's 29-year-old story was killed on December 25, 2018, by a Calgary-wounded 2011 man.

Const. Stephen Cook, 10 year veteran of the Calgary Police Service, fired in Perry, after a dangerous driver, directed by a female officer.

Fourth is being investigated by Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. Cook has a 30-day administrative authorization.

In 2011, Cook filmed Corwin (Corey) Peeace in the 40th year, four times against Erin Woods.

After the following interrogations in 2013, Cook said he fired a gun with the South African Police Service and British military Iraqi.

Cook said his lawyer, Willie deWit, was sent home to Peeace's former spouse, Vanessa Severight, who called her 911 to speak freely.

According to the call, he said that in the back he said: "You're dying for the night." Cook said that the fire had dragged him out, he was shot by the door and threatened by the threat of the woman. Peeace four times.

"If he brought the knife, he would step on his neck or shoulder. I think he was supposed to face that woman and now I was dying, as I said," Cook said.

Stacey Perry's Facebook page, friends and family have identified Kalgary police killed a deceased on Christmas Eve morning.

Tonight at Christmas Eve, Perry ran 9th Avenue and Blackfoot Trail S.E. Honda Accord Gray Coupon with B.C. license plate Officers tried to stop suspecting the drive to drive their vehicle.

However, it failed. Driving north-west of the city, the police raided red light at varying speed.

Two more traffic stoppages were tried, and they did not succeed at 12:30. The police stopped a 10-minute vehicle, citing "security reasons".

Two hours later, the police received a call from a driver who had a "red light and has a turn U-turn" on the north-east northeast of Falconridge. Officers are located at the gray green Honda before causing a bad traffic on the Northeast of Calgary.

The police carried out a controlled stop at the door of the car, entering Stoney Trail at McKnight Boulevard, placing the police vehicle on the front of the coupon and accompanying police vehicles, behind the car.

When the agents started their vehicles, "sedan was started", according to the ASIRT statement after the event.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team conducts official investigations at McKnight Boulevard at 68. Street. and Stoney Trail in Christmas in Calgary. Al Charest / Postmedia

Perry's ex boyfriend, Vincent Church, said alcohol and substance abuse struggles in the past and was known to get his addiction to his best when he was panicked.

"Panic can take many forms: it will cause a situation to escape," said the Church. "Often it would not happen, but that would be a panic."

"(He shot the day) he certainly had a bad time, or a bad episode or someone threatened him or did something to make him panic," he said. "He will probably give him a fierce fight or flight, and when he gets a bit weak, he does not always make the best decisions."

As mentioned above, chairman of the Calgary Police Association, Les Kaminski, said officials were hoping they were not expecting any other person to use their strength.

"However, our duty is to protect the public, other officers and ourselves. It is a tough reality in the work of police," he said in a statement.

"Fortunately, most of the police go through the whole career without having to take human lives, but fate reveals that an official may occasionally participate in multiple events.

"Our citizens can rely on critical events when they take a close look at their own merits, and all the civil servants involved are disseminated with great care, and each case is judged independently, the actions carried out by the agents are justified, or tasks will be carried out. that will not be different. "

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