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The military commander says military jargon "coding"

According to the senior Canadian director, the military are commonly used in jargon, acronyms, and pseudonyms, but the code names have not been able to stop the release of documents.

Jonathan Vance, Head of Defense Staff, has now taken in front of the jury's jury, an admiral for Mark Norman.

The former Commander of the Army will be charged for a trustworthy constitution, and the secrets of the army accused a 668 million dollar contract to lease a ship's boat.

Today, lawyer Vance Norman, Marie Heinen, wants to get her customer's defense documents.

Thousands of deliberates answered the first testimony planned to refrain from releasing documents that use code names, Vance extended military speech and deliberately used a sharp distinction between a "passionate" way of avoiding the search of the key word.

"Some people can make an effort, if they use anything that is unrelated to the locals to prevent and bury communications, it would be very serious and that access would be a serious problem," he said.

On Tuesday, the defense team produced a list of words used in normalization, including Kracken, MN3, C34 and The Boss. Vance said he did not see anything as a code name.

"These would be normal," he said.

Vance denied the use of codes in CBC News in December 2018, and when he was surprised, he said that the military used to abandon the documents intentionally. As stated in article 21 of 2018, if it were "condemned", it appeared "in court".

After the testimony, Vance said his concern was his deputy minister. When he displayed a list of potentially used names in documents, he asked for the search of documents to request full documentation to meet the defense team's request.

Quick announcement with PM

Earlier, Vance said the judge had talked only once, and only in seconds, about breaking the trust in the Norman case by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When the short notice arrived, it was generally attended by RCMP officials on the case. Vance learned the Trudeau secretary general and the main employee since she learned RCMP from January 9, 2017.

Vance is ordered by court in court, Commander Admiral Mark Norman.

With all his communications Trudeau and his staff were verbal and said he did not notice in conversations.

"I do not have a record," said the court.

When Norman Crown warned the commander of the army, he exploded information on the Liberal cabinet decision in November 2015 to keep the leasing project.

The government eventually organized the competition beforehand, but launched a police investigation on escape.

Paper Focus Focus

In front of the court trial, following the paper's path, Norman's defense attorneys have accused the accused of joining the case.

Currently, record boxes have been taken to court, with more than one copy of each document: a copy copied, a second mark for the revision and a third copy cleared.

On Tuesday, Norman defense attorneys presented a list of allies, defense officials used in documents related to the case, would not be able to search for key words in certain documents.

The former Bentley Cabinet former Scott Brison also attended the running of the bulls with a new message from the New MP MP from New Scotland.

Patsy Bradley also heard about the trial of the court, when he explained the slim process of identifying and collecting thousands of documents related to the case, while protecting the client and privilege of the lawyer's client.

The suggestion hinted that the use of the preamble would use to hide the appropriate documents, and the search term emphasized that it was enough to gather the necessary documents.

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