Saturday , January 23 2021

The mix of relationship between North American trade talks is mixed

Stocks in the United States were mixed together, the hunger for investments made during the last week in the midst of the recovery of Chinese talks. The US dollar came from October, when retailers made reservations on the resignation after Jerome Powell's federal reservation.

The S & P 500 Index used to reduce utilities and consumer components, while Nasdaq's references were slightly higher than the power of telecommunication service creatures. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index has been recovered for the third time four times.

Investors continue to fight for the direction of the 2018 wildfire. Powell has comments on seemingly relaxing comments on Friday and Chinese movements. The United States lawmaker is not yet in a quota for a budget, and the federal government will be closed for a third week.

New business ventures between the United States and China responded to the demand for negotiation, and Treasury earnings had a strong impact on Friday. Pound against the Euro, U.K. because the parliaments did not deal with it simply. The common currency was a good one, even though data were expecting German factory orders more than in November.

On the other hand, sales market shares jumped, and Indonesian Rupiah won profits in major currencies. The West Texas Gross Producer sold over $ 49 million in the last regeneration. Gold has risen in China, they have grown bigger.

Here are some events that investors focused on this week:

The U.S. delegation is in Beijing with talks, with Chinese officials, the first encounter, which Trump and Xik agreed to on 1 December. On Wednesday, the meeting is getting rid of the minutes of the Fed's 18-19 December politics. Powell will discuss the Washington DC Economic Club on Thursday. U.K. The Parliament will debate the retirement bill at Breit, with the Prime Minister of Theresa May, to vote to avoid power failure on January 14.

McCreath: A USS recession before the end of 2019 is expected and Chinese & duke it out & # 39;

Commissioner BNN Bloomberg, Andrew McCreath, says this year whether it's a "great call" to the markets, whether Donald Trump and Xi Jinping trade bake. In addition, President of the United States Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, has always "always been" the US economy, not the market.

These are the main movements in the markets:


S & P 500 fell 0.3 percent at 9:41 a.m. In New York. Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell by 0.5 percent. The MSCI All-Country World Index has changed a bit. The Emerging Market Index of the MSCI achieved a 1.2% increase over the next few months.


The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index fell by 0.4 percent in October. The euro wins 0.5 percent at $ 1,1448 in the US, the biggest wins in the week. Japanese Yen rose 0.2 percent to 108.29 dollars. British Pound increased by 0.3%, 1,276 dollars, which is the strongest in the month. The EMCI Emerging Markets Currency Index progressed 0.4 percent in six months.


10-year treasury yields reduced three basic points to 2,641 percent. The 10-year-old German yield was less than a point at 0.20 points. Britain's 10-year earnings had four basic points: 1,237 percent.

United States

The Bloomberg raw material index has changed. West Texas Gross Producer advanced 1.4 percent, $ 48.62, its sixth-second gain. Gold rose 0.5% in a bucket of 1,292.33 dollars.

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