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The modern sex-life curriculum has a great deal of support for parents and students in Ontario, with queries displayed


The majority of those who weigh in sexual education in Ontario opposed the first day of public consultation to modernize the curricula presented by a previous liberal government.

Student, parent, and social worker queries, the website of condemned posting hours after the end of August, in the weeks of controversy over fate of the curriculum.

According to the freedom of information request for 1,600 consignments from the Canadian Press, it will recover most modernized 2015 programs. Two dozen messages about the progressive Progressive Conservative government decision to revoke the document, and temporarily replace it based on the 1998 curriculum.

"Children have made changes to the curriculum that is endangered. All parents feel comfortable with their children to teach them good anatomical identities and bodybuilding, but it is crucial," said Parent and child care worker for Social Security Assistance.

Another person has indicated that his child has a trans student who has a basic school attendance and is not accepting admission not worried about the children.

"Everyone should understand and accept, regardless of sexual orientation. Do not let this happen," they wrote.

"Teach a new curriculum", read another presentation. "My tax subsidy has been financed to address this type of research and do not make any difference in the 90s. A teacher who teaches old curriculum is responsible for our community's security."

Interim curricula

In August, the Government launched its website in August, and committed itself to revoke the modernized curriculum established by its predecessor and called for a new study plan called the largest queries in the province's history.

Critics say that the 1998 curricula that was temporarily replaced by this document did not address issues such as gender identity, permission, and cyber security.

The Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, will invite the provincial court to all those who participated in the consultation process. (Chris Young / Canadian Press)

Just days before the beginning of the school year, the government said that writing a lesson to address these criticisms was made. The expert thinks, however, that the lesson refers to modern concepts, such as Internet and mobile phones, and analyzes the broad and broad language used in the 1998 and 1998 curriculum.

The 2015 curriculum talked about topics such as harassment and sexting online, but opposites, especially social conservatives, sexual relations, gender identity, and masturbation.

& # 39; Our kids deserve better & # 39;

Many questionnaires surveyed consulted, whose identity was discarded, after the previous liberal government questioned the web's spending and need. Then, parents and experts spent months in planning their lesson.

Some of them emphasized, as part of the party, asking for changes in the process of decorating social conservatives.

"Please do not return time," he wrote. "Our children deserve better – permission, diversity, how to navigate social media … the majority is bullying to meet a religious minority.

Fifteen people used Ford's government and consultation forum, the Ontario Primary Education Federation dubbed a "school line" that would not allow parents to teach curricula in 1998 to review teachers.

The incredible disaster of time & # 39;

Those who helped to revile the 2015 curricula indicated that they considered children unreasonable, such as gender diversity and sex-related relationships.

"Sexual preferences should not be taught at school," he said. "Every family has its own values, LGBTQ is in vogue right now, and many teens are making purchases because young people are an immediate group of friends. It's not acceptable to confess your opinion, they're grown-up, but not kids to indoctrinate."

When asked about the results of the questionnaire, when it was over Saturday, the Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, said the government will look for all the data in January, write and test a new spring curriculum. The new document will enter into the period of time in the fall of the new academic year, he said.

"We are listening to hearing and looking at what each shipment sent," Thompson said. "When we are studying the tens of thousands of submissions, the digital surveys and the results of our city councils, we will put the foundations for the basic courses for the next academic year."

John Fraser's provisional liberal leader stated that the first round of the results range, when he participated in the modernized analysis, had extensive consultations.

"The disaster of time seems incredible and probably money to make that government," he said.

If initial submissions are indicators of other responses, the Progressive Conservatives can not justify the decision to return to their older versions of their lessons, he said.

Ford's up-to-date curriculum for today's studies was the first time this year in the Progressive Conservative Leadership race. He won his position with the support of the conservative of the party's party, for a long time, with the support of Legislative and current health minister Christine Elliott.

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