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The mother of Abbotsford with her mother returns to Africa without children


CTV Vancouver

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 05:42 p.m.

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Abbotsford's mother, having spent a few months in Africa, had to wait for her children to accept immigration papers before returning to British Columbia, who had been taken to the hospital after fear of health.

The emotional meeting between friends and friends went to the Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday after Kim Moran's flight landed, but two of his most important figures were missing: his two-year-old son, Ayo and her husband, Clark.

"Probably, the hardest part was brought to me at the airport and knowing … I said goodbye and came from my house," said Kim at the CTV News airport. "I only felt there and kept the information on support and help".

Kim had multiple sclerosis a week ago, had been in Ghana since the summer, and Clark arrived in Nigeria to end the adoption of Ayo. The thought of the process would not take more than a few weeks, Clark returned to Canada, Kim and Ayo stayed in Ghana.

But three months later, the paperwork has not yet been completed.

"When we are trying to do it, it's not a family, no homeless, a boy who has not lived in Canada and has a family home here, and we feel it's a repetition after the road block." Kim said. So you can know so many fragile men and import them so much … even though some of them have a risk of dissolving because of heart fractures. "

Last week, Kim posted on Facebook that she felt numb and did not walk. His condition was so bad that Accra should be hospitalized. This week, Clark retreated to Ghanah to guard Ayo, return home and receive medical attention.

"He can not look after himself right now … Besides being his character," said Kim Lindsay Jeans's sister, CTV. "It's so powerful and destructive."

"He went to health, he was not a symptom at that time, he was apologetic," added Barb Pichette's friends.

Immigration, refugees and citizens Canada has said CTV under the right circumstances, two-step adoption and immigration processes may be between six and eight months, but this may be in accordance with the two-year-old child's native country and other factors.

Morans's paper received in February 2017. One year and nine months later, the family's adoption process is at the end of the government's planned time line, but it has not passed.

On Tuesday a statement, Ahmed Hussen's Immigration Ministry said that "the Accra mission is currently working hard to process this application," but it must be backed by child protection.

"In the case of national adoptions, our first priority is to protect the safety and welfare of children's participation," read the statement. "As a signatory of the Hague Agreement, all international adoptions must respect respecting countries and countries."

Ayo's grandparents also accused directly Justin Trudeau of the Interior after the Ontario Liberal campaign.

"I said:" We are talking about Ayo, we are taking a 2-year-old age of 2 years and the Accra High Commission, Ghana does nothing, "said Rick Moran Clark's father.

Although the process goes ahead, Kim hopes his family will meet soon.

"When I return to the canteen, I want to go home and put socks and get the Christmas tree, but I do not have Christmas holidays here."

CTV with files of Allison Hurst in Vancouver

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