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The murder of Dennis Oland is based on evidence forensic


The provincial court sued Dennis Holland in a second month's retirement on Wednesday. The specialized unit of the Police of San Juan was headed.

Sgt. Mark Smith gave an early day Richard Holland, the accused's father, on the exact process of collecting proven evidence during the autopsy.

Himself and forensic Konst. Dave MacDonald was the morgue of the Saint John Regional Hospital, almost 12 hours a day on July 8, 2011, when he heard it.

They used a special light bulb containing various fluorescent lamps, with a trace of evidence (such as hair and fiber, for example) and a collection of 31 style items that used the packing style ribbon.

Both hands seized the hair found between their fingers, crushed palm trees and cut their nails so DNA could analyze the killer.

Additionally, they collected hair and blood samples, carefully documented photos and notes at every step to label the exhibition bags and sign them, said Smith.

The methodical process is "very slow", the break did not take time, he said.

Thereafter, the officer removed Dutch clothing, sweater, shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, underwear and Rolex watch, and examined his naked body with CrimeScope light again by the pathologist before the autopsy.

Richard Oland, aged 69, died at his San Juan office on July 7, 2011. (Canadian Yachting Association)

Richard Holand, at the age of 69, sharpened his head, sharpened his hands and sharpened 45, and witnessed violence, Dr. Ather Naseemuddin on Tuesday.

Several multimillionaires, who had been attacked by a blood pool in the morning on July 7, 2011, would only last "minutes", he said.

There was never a weapon found.

The jury found Dennis Oland blamed for his second murder in Russia in December 2015, but the New Brunswick Supreme Court upheld the verdict and demanded a new trial for the jury trial.

Dutch, 50, only confirmed by jury without the jury.

Dennis Oland, 50, was free and, in October 2016, he was a community resident, when the Supreme Court ratified his conviction and ordered a new trial. (CBC)'s Twitter channel's Facebook page »RSS feeds of of the Basque Country's Twitter page's Facebook page RSS feeds New. info's Twitter channel's Facebook page »

Her testimony will be scheduled to continue on Wednesday afternoon, but coughing in the morning and warning of Veniot's worries made her exacerbate her condition.

According to the judge and defense, Smith should excuse and reconsider the new year, after retrieving it.

Another witness was not lined up in the afternoon, so the courts began earlier and resumed Thursday at 9:30 p.m., organized by a toxikologist forensic testimony.

As Smit reminds him, he wants to determine the car of the accused and other things, because of any blood test that attaches to his father's homicide.

Holland won the Volkswagen Golf City in 52. At the office of his father's house in Canterbury, on July 6, 2011, in the afternoon, the last known person was alive.

Crown has said that the brown sports jacket Dennis Holland visited his father when he was there four bloodfields and the DNA dumped his father's profile.

On Tuesday, the defense advanced its theory that "killers or killers" would cover blood.

"When it came to knowing how this happened to the death of the dead, it was very bloody?" Lawyer Michael Lacy's lawyers applied for a pathologist.

"I agree," Naseemuddin replied.

Lacy suggested that stroking oneself would probably have "a great deal of" blood "weapons, weapons, clothes and clothing".

But when Naseemuddin could answer, Jill Knee did not resist, arguing that he was out of the field of specialization of pathology, but the cause, mode and mechanism of death.

Lacy took a different turn. Naseemuddin asked if he was expecting blood to be significant. "I think so," responded the pathologist.

Lacy asked Naseemuddin whether the scene of the crime showed that there had been significant bloodstream of the body and the spatter. "Yes, I saw that."

The progress, this year began at 21, is expected to last four months.

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