Wednesday , October 20 2021

The mysterious egg has been found in Fortnite's game files


The V7.10 update had massive filtrations, but it was more mysterious than the rest.

The usual practice that is happening on holiday is that games are worth a couple of days of updating, allowing developers to spend a break with their family for a while.

In this way, this update came with new things full of enthusiasm.

Here are the leaks we have found today:

But there is another mystery still hidden.

Egg has been identified by game files, but nobody knows what to imagine. FortTory, The egg is better known and it is believed that it will be a dragon or a water monster.

The top right image is like a sea-serpent or a dragon. Additionally, being in Spanish is a mythical creature.

So far, during the seventh season, the Thrones game has been striking.

Without Spoilers, Ice King and Night King look pretty similar. Combine the "Winter Coming" liver and dragon in a castle and casinos accumulate.

Still, this is not confirmed. The "challenge for the 14th day of Christmas" can also be said to indicate that the egg represents something else.

Challenge list dropped to half "Interact_Goose_Eggs".

This is exactly the same text as the breastfeeding challenges and comes directly under "Interact_Chests_Search".

For me, we can say that the eggs appear in the style of "golden goose" and they emit it like 5-year-old aromas.

Both could be. We will only say and update you every time more information will be available.

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