Wednesday , October 20 2021

The mysterious light seen in the night of California



When the Bay Area Christmas lights were covered, on Wednesday night the heavily stolen show was stolen.

Bryan Louie told ABC7 News: "It was brighter than a normal cloud, especially at night time."

The mysterious light was seen in the sky at 5:30 p.m., most of them from the time they were leaving home.

"It seems like a key," Louie was described.

Dathao was visiting the Becker Bay Area from San Diego. ABC7 News said, "I thought it was a kind of weird formation."

"I thought something was a spelling that was spelling, but I could not read what it was," said Aparna Sarmak for ABC7 News. "So I moved all night long".

However, the light of the mystery remained in the minds of others.

Sky7 flew over San Francisco when it caught the bright light.

Palo Alto residents, Ransom Soderberg reported ABC7 News: "I saw a mobile cloud, then it became a question mark. I do not know it might be a sign."

Where is the sign Or rather, to whom?

"I'm definitely a believer in the UFO phenomenon," said Elizabeth Matuzak. "I think it's a UFO."

While watching while we were studying, or we can say, visually, ABC7 can do some things: the planned rocket Vandenberg Air Force Base was launched next to Santa Barbara, and it did not happen. Also, one of the planet launched in Space X did not even come out.

Lick Observatory – The bright meteorite was clearly visible across the Bay Area, after sunbathing after the afternoon leaving the bright track visible on the western sky.

KABC, the sister of our sister in California, at the station of the Griffith Observatory, says Dr. Edwin Krupp, was a meteorite that sparked light in the Earth's atmosphere. Krupp said that the meteor is likely to be in his hand, but he thought that people had a compressed air.

In the social network, many people posted unidentified photos:



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