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The NASA spacecraft rises to the world that is never far from the photo


It's a remote space near NASA, and it's probably far away from the old and cosmic body of humans, far away from Ultima Thule's four billion miles (6.4 million kilometers).

The United States space agency will be linked to direct online broadcasting with the New Year Award for the historic flyby of the mysterious object in a dark and cool Kuiper Belt, from January 1 to 12:00 (0533 GMT Tuesday).

The legendary legendary legendary guitarist Brian May – also a bachelor of astrophysics – will be released at midnight with the video simulation of the flyby, as NASA writers describe as a close approximation to / nasalive

The true real time of the traveler is impossible, because it takes six hours more to get a signal from the Earth to reach the Space called New Horizons and take another six hours.

But everything goes well, the first images will be at the end of the New Year.

And, according to a new tweet of Alan Stern, New Horizons, the main scientist based on mission, is a palpable emotion of teammates.

"BEGINNY! Flyby is with us! @ NewHorizons2015 is healthy and, of course, the world's most remote exploration of the world!" He wrote on Saturday.

– What looks like? –

Scientists do not know what Ultima Thule looks like a TOO-LEE lens: whether it's round or oblong, not just a single object or a cluster.

It was discovered in 2014 with Hubble space telescope, with 12-20 miles (20-30 km).

Scientists wanted to learn with New Horizons, the space that was launched in 2006, when Pluto's main mission was to flee in 2015 when he returned to a detailed image of dwarfs planet.

"In the near approach, we will try to make Ultima an image in Pluto's resolution three times," said Stern.

"If we are to be impressive".

With a speed of 32,000 kilometers (51,500 kilometers) per hour, the spacecraft is close to the nearest 2,200 mile (2,400 miles) Ultima Thule surface.

Flyby will be fast at nine kilometers (14 km) per second at a speed.

On the tablet, seven instruments will record high-resolution images and collect data on size and composition.

Ultima Thule was named mitic and remote mythography and cartography according to NASA.

"Ultima Thule means" beyond Thule "- beyond the boundaries of the world's well-known, symbolizing the New Horizons symbolizing the exploration of the objects of the Kuiper Belt and the Kuiper Belt, it's never been done," said a US space agency.

According to the scientist Hal Weaver of the Applied Physics Laboratory, John Weaver Hopkins, humans did not know about the Kuiper Belt – a broad ring of relationship formation in the solar system until the 1990s.

"This is the limit of the planetary sciences," Weaver said.

"We came to the outside of the solar system at the end of the day, from the beginning to the point that we have not changed, we will know."

Although the US government was partially off, Donald Trump and presidential opposition were fined as part of a massive Mexican border despite the announcement by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstin of the US space agency.

Usually, NASA TV and NASA websites would be left in the dark in a closed government.

NASA will also provide updates on a different OSIRIS-REX space unit, which will be on orbit to the Bennu asteroids on New Year's Eve, and Bridenstine said.

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