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The necropsy of Yukon Grizzly could be a tragic mother and baby


The Yukon officials have now necropsied at the grizzly bear, a young daughter of 37 years old and 10-month-old children.

Valé rie The orêt died outside his cabin, Whitehorse 400 km north, on Monday.

Her husband, Gjermund Roesholt, when he was charged with the bear, returned from his trap line. Grizzly shot dead, before his family made a dreadful discovery.

TIPS: Yukon's mother and baby necropsy were being killed by grizzly bear

The environmental spokesman for Yukon Roxanne Stasyszyn said the official conservation and colonel office will provide hope for some necropsy tragedy responses.

Yukoners said Sasia's life is still more secure than the city grizzly kills her mother: "We prepare, we know"

"It helps us understand a wider health, whether the animal is suffering in some way, whether it has been caused by a disease, it may have caused eating habits in a normal way, or thinking or eating ability," he said.

"It allows us to observe what he was eating at that time, with the help of something that has changed his behavior, necropsy is actually an autopsy but a fauna."

The conflicting human-bearers are very serious in Yukon, according to Stasyszyn, in three of the last three years.

NOTE: Whitehorse remembers the victims of the grizzly bear attack

"In 2014 and 1996 we called loot attacks, and in 2006 it was a defensive attack, an individual made what we called the exploration line … and, literally, they made a turtle that sowed the cube literally."

They dreamed to live ": Romanian after killing mom and baby in Yukon grizzly bear

As Stasyszyn says, it's not normal to see a year later, as well as a cold winter.

Grizzlies hibernates if pre-saving continues to be good, it may be awful if fat or nutrition does not hibernate or cools it if they lose.

Those who trappers Charles Nadeau and Brian Melanson have echoed Global News on Thursday.

Watch: Yukon grizzly attack victims live & # 39; friend says

"I have heard a few communities that fruit is very rare," said Nadeau, who passed the 7 C over the last days.

"This is the most dangerous time to get out of the bush without protection," said Melanson.

"They are hungry. Then the balance that is right now is looking for the last calories that are beginning to fall asleep in the winter."

However, all the answers to necropsy should wait. When the second work was finished, Stasyszyn did not produce clear results.

"Several factors have to be taken into account, and therefore, necropsy, for example, should be sent by senior veterinarians or conservation officers or colonels to the south to carry out further studies.

"Our conservation officers try to make it work as quickly as possible, that people are in need of answers and are currently in the process of being grieved."

In the meantime, the researchers continue in the family's remote cabin, with the support of Roesholt Whitehorse, a family member, where no family was caught.

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign was set up in Thé orêt, a memorable teacher, and helped by Roesholt hunger.

"When it's home it's your neighborhood," said Melanson.

"If you are looking for someone and someone you know and respected as a bush, not only his wife and daughter."

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