Thursday , August 11 2022

The next look of Pixel 3 Lite is unknown


We have heard some rumors about the potential starting point for the latest month or a bit of Pixel 3 Lite phone, a cheaper and more powerful version of Google's flagship phone, and another online image that appeared on the web.

The blogged Twitter feed has been published @jc_ru, snap claims the new Pixel 3 Lite left and the existing 3 pixels on the right. The next range of the central phone means that it has a slightly higher 5.56 inch screen, using a slightly higher relative aspect ratio of 18.5: 9, and unlike Pixel 3, there is no signal at all.

When Pixel 3 Lite is using a slower processor than the other 3 pixels, the Snapdragon 670 device has begun: 12.2MP rear-facing camera is trying to use the same camera, so you can get some fantastic ones. photos taken

In fact, some sample shots have been exploded showing the pixel's 3 Lite photo capacity. However, the device does not get a double-lens front camera, it suggests reports, that is, with this pattern there will be no open angle.

All Pixel 3 Lite leaks come in from Russia, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL fits in with the leaks we've seen before. If Google wants to squeeze rumors and leaks against Pixel 4 hardware in the coming years, then Russian operations may be a good place to start.

Google has no official yet, but we can not confirm that it is a real device or, where appropriate, where it is to be sold, but the Pixel phone's rumors of a pixel medium remain long-lasting, they could be launching in the near future.

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