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The Next Surface Laptop may have an AMD processor

With the exception of a few unknown screens, Microsoft's Surface Devices were updated by Intel processors. But the next year can change.

Brad Sams has published a book on the history and future of Microsoft's Surface products, and includes, among other things, the next year's next pages, which includes some Microsoft reports.

Sams says 2020 an updated Surface Area and a Fresh Surface Laptop, due to the start of about a year ago, at least some models may have AMD chips rather than Intel processors.

It is not possible if Microsoft decides to guess at AMD, but the company has not long since plagued the time it took to move Intel from 14nm to 10nm.

AMD, on the other hand, is already working on 7 nm chips and it is possible to build the Next Laptop Surface based on Zen 2 architecture.

Sams sets up an updated Surface Studio for 2020, can be a modular spatial system like the next Surface Hub 2. Until the new Surface Studio is completely renewed, when you start to feel the processor, memory or other specs dates, an old Module will appear and it will be renewed to continue displaying something new, using pen and other accessories.

Sams's other data / predictions include:

  • Surface book With newer areas and USB-C media Q4, 2019.
  • Microsoft's "Andromeda" double screen will look like Intel's "Tiger Rapids" prototype and send Q4, 2019 … ship. Then he is ready.
  • Samb's new mobile phone device is "nice" to help you to write and navigate the text. "

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