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The NHL public relations fiasco does not call on Connor McDavid in the final season

This, in the face of the critical criticism of the National Hockey League Kyle Rehman, was not abolished by Lindham Lindholm, after Lindholm, Edmonton Oilers advocated the committees behind Connor McDavid.

Oil company Bob Stauffer's radio journalist: "This is a shameful National Hockey League and once again reinforces why NHLs are protecting the NFL and QB NFL stars in the United States at the second level!"

Mark Spector of Sportsnet: "It does not matter who the player is, the star or the 4th liner, explaining how the appearance of the NHL reporter appears, and it's OK. A dangerous dangerous game. It's not a good NHL officer."

Rob Tychkowski @Rob_Tychkowski of Postmedia: "On the right side of the numbers, enter the first board of cards. Unusual referee does not need this and you have a good success? @NHL referee, Supreme Court no. It should not be too much to be aware of how to do them.

Chicken blogger Heather Marginet Tychkowski replied: "Yes, his name is Kyle Rehman @NHL officers # 10, basically, became the most dangerous threat to McDavid's neck. "

Terry Jones @byterryjones: "It's never called refuses. Over the years, I spent the nights with them. But how much proof do you have to ask about Connor McDavid? Elbow in the chops last night in L.A, too."

Athletic's Jonathan Willis: "I want to complain about this thing, but it must be called by the NHL. Those responsible and group memberships and rescues do not prevent it. It's only that it is officiating."

Rydan Jespersen CHED Radios: "This is not an unacceptable against any player of any league, let alone the best player in the world @The NHL does not protect its stars, period. ?? "

Dustin Nielson @nielsonTSN1260: "How do you see this and do not call? Pathetic officiating."

Ray Ferraro of TSN: "But this is the real thing for me," says McDavid, "all the players are better off from this dangerous league and operation, and they're always worth the risk!"

Ryan Rishaug of TSN: "This was ten times more dangerous than what happened to me at McDavid, which could be a bad thing. Those who ask for an important response are not the situation. This could not happen depending on the following types.

DartGuy @LeafsMaz20: "Doughty's rough elbow last night and tonight, I do not even make a fan of Oilers, and I am. 1) Milan Lucic is there, you can not stand up to your teammates. 2) Will you protect the NHL Player Security star of the game?"

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  1. This time, McDavid has a different quality. It's not like Oilers fans and bloggers like Bruce McCurdy and Hockey culture, and it's not just Bob Stauffer's program that works for Oilers. It's coming up with a fan of Leafs with icons like Dart Guy. Jones and Spector are the main voices. Rarely complain about the officialization of games. Likewise, it is also a respected external voice like TSR's Ray Ferraro. This dirty and dangerous foul against the latest McDavid is not the Rehman and Jake Brenik NHL referees in different attacks. National Hockey League is a public relation.
  2. Why so angry McDavid is constantly missing and the arbitrators are constantly striking against him. November's video was set against Kings of Los Angeles, two missing two McDavid missing or three missing. I am afraid that because they suspect they have arrived at a new level; The video shows the Rehman judge to watch live the player and nothing is called and b) McDavid could seriously injure himself.
  3. Rehman had a clear site, seeing McDavid behind his holes behind the door, but he was called a penalty. This NHL officer veterans calling his 640 NHL game. In his defense, these plays quickly took place and McDavid began contacting him before checking on the cross. But McDavid's contact was not dangerous and the NHL-style puck was a protector, while the Lindholm crossing could cause serious injuries. We all make mistakes now and then, we're doing it all wrong, and that's just an example of an NHL arbiter with McDavid wrong. Rehman is being distinguished here, but it has not triggered this type of call that has been the only NHL reflex, as stated by Rishaug and Ferraro.
  4. This incident lasts three hours after the player of the Ken Hitchcock Oilers has repeatedly repeated the player played by the NHL players in McDavid's handling with Vancouver Canucks against a 4-2 Oilers loss against the Canucks. Then Tychkowsky told him what the coach might think: "The things that are really annoying me are happening with Connor, and that is really annoying me, because it is a league that tries to show our main players, and you do not want to give it full freedom But the tug of war was now quite ridiculous … And it's a bit of a bit honest to be honest with you, because "Whackin" and "hackin" have been pucked but all the things behind me do not show their speed. And if that is what we want, well, it's okay. But I like the real disadvantage of a player like him. It was not accepted and granted. Give and hold That is why we need to figure out what we need to fight through. Harder to play with her and get out of here. "
  5. Without a doubt, the following complaints from Oilers will be the relief of TSN Gordon Miller. In Hitchcock's Vancouver outburst, when I wrote in The Cult, Miller said: "I'd love to hear it (the type of complaint … after winning). That's always a loss after the way you want! Stop! The referees are not necessarily ignored by Connor McDavid. "
  6. The refusal did not think that the judge was a penalty that was introduced to him, Lindholm, of course, when he overwhelmed McDavid's stick, after cutting the player? Just here is the rebellious work. Amazing.

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