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The Nintendo Switch has put $ 8.2 million in US sales in context

This morning, Nintendo sends a press release from her press release on a regular basis, this time she starts off at the start of the US holiday season. The Lifetime OS sales updates made it possible for the 3DS family of systems (22 million) and the latest Classic Edition (2.5 million SNES Classic, NES Classic 2 million), the release of more than 8,2 million lives to make Nintendo changes in sales (November Until 26).

It is quite spectacular that this system, due to the 20-month anniversary, on the retail shelves, even though there were two special vacations. But we want to know how to sell sales to the competition. We have preserved some numbers in the past consoles. As you can see, Switch's pace of US sales puts it in a great political company:

  • 971,000: US sales Saturn In the first 20 months of sale
  • 1.8 million: US sales PlayStation Vita In the first ~ 23 months of the sale
  • 2.56 million: US original sales Play Station 16 months before sale
  • 2.8 million: US sales Dreamcast 16 months before sale
  • 3.08 million: American shipments Wii U In the first 20 months of sale
  • 4.3 million: US sales GameCube In the first 20 months of sale
  • 4.84 million: US sales PlayStation 3 In the first 20 months of sale
  • 5.55 million: US original sales Xbox In the first 20 months of sale
  • 5.92 million: US sales Xbox 360 In the first 20 months of sale
  • 6.26 million: US sales Nintendo 64 15 months before the sale
  • 6.5 million: US sales Nintendo 3DS 21 months before sale
  • 6.7 million: US sales PlayStation Portable 21 months before sale
  • 8.2 million: US sales Nintendo Switching In the first 20 months of the sale, it has been announced today
  • 8.6 million: US sales PlayStation 2 In the first 20 months of sale
  • 9.22 million: US sales Nintendo DS for sale in its first ~ 26 months
  • 10.85 million: US sales Wii In the first 20 months of sale
  • 11.95 million: US sales Game Boy Advance In the first 20 months of sale

(Except where otherwise noted, all data is available from NPD sales estimates from the United States, from the following line sources: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6).

Keep in mind that the calendar notes on the calendar year have seen some consumers have more sales periods during the first months of the sale. Also, note that the publicly published inconsistency in the NPD means that the comparable period of time changes some of these consumption. We could not find numbers in the United States or North America on PS4 or Xbox One; If you can find it there, you will be notified and updated.

If you want these numbers, it might be interesting that the analysis of the first nine months of the World Fertilizer Switch could also be interesting, that is, 10 million units.

Also, here we are, how the way in which this is happening has changed life Nintendo other hardware submissions Throughout North America (As reported in this calculation of the available Nintendo).

  • 6.49 million: Wii U
  • 12.94 million: GameCube
  • 20.63 million: Nintendo 64
  • 22 million: 3DS line (so far only in the US)
  • 23.35 million: Super NES
  • 34 million: NES
  • 44.06 million: Game Boy / Color (combined)
  • 48.64 million: Wii
  • 59.93 million: Nintendo DS line

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