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The Nissan LEAF Plus high-speed 214 hp hatchback is w / 226 miles, hit by the US in Spring


The new Nissan 62kWh LEAF powertrain was announced today in CES 2019 Las Vegas and we want to get all the details.

The new LEAF is now joining more people in the Basque Country than it had been a decade ago by LEAF, but Nissan has a long pedigree with EV buyers to win their clients. But this is what the Nissan has just created EV?

We know that Nissan is planning its LEAF 60+ kWh version, but we are already defining at CES today. Nissan has invited us to the CES flight and hotel to see its new EV and the people that created it.

Here is the goods section of the spec:

  • 62kWh with a battery of 5 mm larger than the current LEAF 40kWh package
  • 160-car engine (215 hp)
  • Measuring 226 miles
  • Charge of 70 kW CHAdeMO 100 kW peak

Also, some PR people are dancing in something similar to that of the price (we have heard that it's around 36,000 dollars) and 0-60 time (I hear 6 "plus" -second second).

A powerful and powerful battery combines with a LEAF e + 160 kW engine to produce 45-centimeter power and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) torque when driving faster at accelerating speeds. The speed of 50 mph (80 km / h) and 75 mph (120 km / h) is 13 points faster. This allows LEAF e + to keep track of slower movements, making it faster and easier for the outputs and easily align with mobile traction. The maximum speed has risen to around 10% to make it comfortable.

These new LEAF advancements will be available for sale in Japan, after a few weeks and will reach the United States coastline in Spring. The vehicle will go to summer this summer. Vehicle marketing is a bit confusing, so Nissan speaks here:

LEAF e + will be sold under the US and Canadian LEAF PLUS series along with S PLUS, SV PLUS and SL PLUS. Globally, the vehicle will be referred to as Nissan LEAF e +.

Over 380,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles have been sold globally, the first 100 percent electric model sales in 2010, more than 128,000 sold in the US.

The new Powertrain does not only add 160 kmW speed, but takes up around 40% with the extra space minuscule (5mm). Nissan uses the same LG cell, but it is more tight. Kazuhiro Doi, the Nissan's Alliance Global Research Director, was able to talk about it. Some details:

  • The battery pads are made by LG and passively cool, which has had a problem in the past. However, Doik says Nissan has learned a lot in LEAF over the next decade, and nowadays he thinks that even more narrower packages will have a capacity longer than the battery. Nissan offers 8 years / 160,000 km (one in the other case) battery warranty
  • The Battery Management System or BMS, that is, the main Nissan factor and the main factor that maintains the load and motor motor. Nissan is a huge giant because they have had a decade of real world experience. Controls battery charging and unloading, which is not only acceleration, but also charging. The Nissan engine and engine driver accelerate in acceleration, and Nissan now has a ton of variable speed transmission here.
  • Nissan recently switched on its battery pack LG and open market. Nissan made maths and decided that batteries were becoming merchandise and other dealers could save time and money. Behind each other, the competitors see that they have the same battery market and there is no intention of renewing them.

Ivan Espinosa Nissan's Global Product Strategy and Product Plan According to the NPB, other updates are OTA updates. This means that you no longer have to go to the dealer to get updates like maps and services. Espinosa also mentioned that Nissan will produce a lot of new EVs, the Nissan iMX concept, we saw on the show floor again.

Even though the new LEAF has been a tough Chevy Bolt and Hyundai / Kia Kona / Niro Chevy Bolt competitors, it works well in Japan and the EU.

The LEAF is not the best seller in the EU market, such as in countries like Norway. As a long-haul of the history of the car and of these big markets, it wants to capitalize on the brands and traces marked by Nissan for the people that it collects.

In the US, Nissan still has a quarter of 7,500 fiscal incentives, and the price of GM and Tesla should be given in the short term.

First of all, Nissan was very pleased to invite you to the exhibition and get to CES 2019. I do not think there will be any other coach, which Nissan wants to sell over Nissan, even if it's a former president. and the EV defender Carlos Ghosn was removed from the company.

In the US, the 62kWh Leaf Plus models are set against Chevy Bolt but lower and Hyundai Kona is very stressed. Both of these vehicles are strong, but American ZEVs confirm that their manufacturers are cars of the same state. Nissan will market these new LEAFs and market other 40 kWh, if not more. I love this one.

Nissan will sell in these countries on a fixed sales network. Dealers sell their electric cars for a decade, therefore, they are much more than Hyundai / Kia and since they want to sell the vehicle, the shopping experience will be much better than the large Chevy or BMW distributor.

Nissan also offers support from ProPILOT driver, which is not offered by other mass-market vehicles. Nissan describes ProPilot as:

He is playing the leading role in Nissan Intelligent Driving with ProPilot Assist, with a semi-autonomous driver's license to automatically adjust the distance between the vehicle and the predefined speed of the driver (18 mph and 62 mph). ProPILOT Assist also guides the driver to help the driver and focus on the vehicle. If you stop by the car, ProPILOT Assist will automatically apply the brakes to stop vehicle vacuum, if necessary. After completing a stop, the vehicle is in the same place, even if the driver's foot is turned off. If the traffic is restarted, the car will re-steer the driver when it changes the driver's mounted ProPilot Assist key or when the accelerator is automatically pressed to activate the system. All of these functions can reduce voltage when driving in heavy traffic.

Nissan LEAF Plus Worries

Some concerns arise. I would like Nissan to recognize more battery deterioration issues and expect to hear about battery cooling / active heating. The talk of the head of the research was not at all worried, but I do not care. The It supports 8 years battery / 160,000 km battery warranty. Also, I liked that little bit more about that car in this way. I still do not push a price or a 0-60 in a car to tighten the previous models and competition speed and power.

Likewise, Nissan is the final hope of standard CHAdeMO charging for a lost war. Although only the Electrify America 1 50kW CHAdeMO charger is charging in the charging stations, it will be harder and harder to find a fast-loading place in the US with a speed of more than 70-100 kW. By pressing Nissan in this bet, I expect one day to see the CCS-CHAdeMO adapter.

Tesla Factors are also related to EV systems. Model 3, while more expensive, also has a powerful power capability: 283 hp (211 kW) of LEAF Plus versus 215 hp (160 kW). Having a larger hatchback on the land will have a greater power and aesthetics, especially when it comes to different types of consumers.

If we compared the Nissan Energy car with the electric grid technology, we have seen it last month, but it is not yet available for consumers. In theory, the amount of money you make from recharging your order will cost you more than your energy costs.

Finally, I love Nissan everything I do here. LEAF e + or PLUS is a passionate car for masks that nissan has long built.

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