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The Nissan management directs Carlos Ghosn to the dog – badly committed – on one – business alive | Business


Carlos Ghosn: what papers do you say?

Newspapers and magazines are available for sale in Tokyo, Japan.
Newspapers and magazines are on sale in Tokyo, Japan, in the new kiosk. Photo: Takashi Aoyama / Getty Images

Japan is one of the most successful successes (until this week).

Japan Times Nissan Hiroto Saikawa said that Ghosn allegedly made a claim that "all of Nissan's power was extended to Ghos."

Newspaper added:

"In the face of this, Nissan has taken fifty years of opaque business management capabilities, and the automaker does not blame the government's guilt, which can harm the interests of the interested parties."

The Yomiuri Shimbun Nissan believes that "they have become even more", due to the arrest of Ghos. "Nissan must strive to improve its organization through its corporate governance, in order to restore confidence," he said.

ASahi Shimbun The events of this week were described as "stunning" and Nissan's internal research into Ghos and Greg Kelly.

"It is committed to not endanger dysfunction, it can take part of shareholders and take measures to address the current crisis."

The Mainichi Shimbun He said allegations against Ghost were true, "gross betrayal," and "distorted production of a long-term dictatorship." She added:

"The automotive director needs to review its management to gain shareholder and market confidence".

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