Wednesday , January 20 2021

The North Pole is RAPIDLY away from Canada – and the scientists are baffled. | Science | News

Deep beneath the surface of the earth, it is surrounding the liquid iron to reach the North Pole from Canada and Siberia. This is why global geomagnetism experts receive an urgent update of the Global Modeling Model, where exactly North Pole is. The next update did not happen until 2020, but as a sudden change in the North Pole, researchers must move forward.

The accuracy that GPS precision needs for the North Pole is a GPS all over the world, and it is now close to acceptable "acceptable" (limit) navigation errors, "Nature magazine magazines.

Arnaud Chulliat, from the University of Colorado's Geomagnetist and Environmental Oceanography and Atmospheric Administration at the National Center for Environmental Information (NOAA), said: "The mistake is growing all the time.

"While the speed of the pulley is taking place, this region goes with more flaws."

The investigators say that the pulley is moving 34 kilometers (55 kilometers) per year and moves to 100 years.

Although there is no explanation for what is happening, scientists believe they are the bulk parts of the liquid iron inland on the planet.

Nature's Reports: "The rapid magnetic pole movement of the pole could be linked to a high-speed cane that has a liquid iron under Canada".

Phil Livermore of the University of Leeds talked about the United States Geophysical Society: "The magnetic North Pole operates in two magnetic fields on a large scale, under one of Canada and Siberia.

"Siberian Patch Wins Competition".

The change may also be a possible investment, south to south and vice versa.

In recent years, scientists have created a flip potential in the magnetic field – natural phenomena between 200,000 and 300,000 in the north and south poles.

The poles carry 40,000 years, but the process has failed.

As a result, the pole was moved to the last time 780,000 years ago, until a period of pole retrospective has elapsed.

Scientists have warned that after starting the process, it would take 1,000 years.

At that time, the magnetic field of the Earth will be put at risk in order to survive the living creatures of the solar radiation dose.

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