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The owner of Mamie Taylor responds to the supposed dead rat on Crab Park Chowder

The dead night after finding a Crab Park chowder in a chowder bowl, on December 27, health officials said on Friday, following the incident they closed it to Mamie Taylor – a nearby restaurant where chowder is prepared.

The owner of Mamie Taylor, Ron Oliver, has released a statement about the fluctuation in the relationship with Chinatown with Crab Park Chowdery.

"He has been careful that a rat was allegedly found in Crab Park Chowdery, a commercial chef in a store located in our basement building," said Oliver. "It is true that Crab Park Chowdery makes soups in this commercial kitchen, it should be emphasized that its operations and kitchen are completely separate from Mamie Taylor."

Oliver's commissioner's kitchen explains that 251 E is located in the basement of the Georgia Street restaurant, but Mamie Taylor does not use her to store or prepare her food.

Crab Park was commissioned by Chowdery, who had not passed the Vancouver Coast Health Check, but as the space was the general restaurant of the locals, the space was shut down.

"Six years have elapsed since we opened this location," said Oliver, "just like this happened in Mamie Taylor, and not another cook's house.

Oliver said that while Crab Park is a history that has favored Chowdery, "Crab Park Chowdery's staff and Crab Park Chowdery have had serious concerns about organizational, food security and general purity."

Oliver said that Mamie Taylor will work with Vancouver's Coastal Health to solve the problem, and another inspection was organized on Saturday morning.

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