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The parliamentary warned Singh as leader of June if he had not won the leader in South Burnaby

Some senior NDP committee members warned NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on June that he would not be able to join the party leader next month, if he was elected to Burnaby Hego, CBC News learned it.

In light of the anonymity that the two new democratic parties spoke of with CBC News, it was said that amongst the small groups that joined last summer, Singh had agreed to leave the pressure on the 25-year opposition prosecutor. . Nine MPs say they are talking to CBC News, because Singh believes they have no choice, but if he does not win his resignation next month.

"When we talked about the answer, when we went to June … If you do that, that's all. There's no hope of winning that. You need it. It's your leadership." One MP told CBC News.

"That was understood. If there were some revisions of the history, it did not (won)."

The former Strategic NDP agrees.

"It's self-evident. If you lose a selection, if you do not win the Burnaby Republic, where will you win?" said Karl Bélanger, former National Executive Director of the NDP and Former Secretary-General, former head of the board, Tom Mulcair.

"I think Mr Singh knows this, and I think I want to show everyone who wants to win this seat and carry on in the next elections."

The June meeting was held at a Parliamentary Hall center in a basement committee room. Block the City Hall for the summer break.

& # 39; All-in & # 39; a bet

The sources have informed CBC News that the NDP chief is a "whole voice" agreed upon in the session of acceptance. Singh, according to sources, said that he was sure of a profit, he believed that his element would be a community campaign.

"So if his best fails, we must do it well in part of the country – British Columbia, in general, and Vancouver, in particular – I do not know whose argument Singh may be as leader," he said. senior NDP MP said.

Talk to CBC News, Singh asked what he could do if he could lose his petition for proposals, he said he would win.

"I'm not directed to myself and I know if we work hard, we will win here," he said. "We want to win Burnaby Hego, because we need people."

Singh has decided to speak on his own if he does not secure a seat next month, which contrasts the public attitude towards the issue. In an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC National On January 20, Singh insisted that he would remain the leader, although he lost his vote on February 25.

"I will be the leader of the new Democratic Party in 2019," Singhe said. "I'm sure I'm riding well. We're connecting with people, we're getting a lot of help."

In total, CBC and Radio-Canada contacted more than half of the NDP's 40 members. All journalists who were in contact with CBC News did not respond, but most talked about CBC said that Singh had won.

What happens if it loses?

Five were confirmed about the situation called "hypothetical". The two kutxa members singled out full support. Some people said they believed that their stay or trip was the same.

The Caucus members are not the only ones that Singh said was summarizing in Burnaby South Some supporters of non-European Democracy campaigners agree, though at least saying, Singh's departure could be the result of a bad process.

"First of all, a group of old parties would advise that the time had come for him. If it were to be resistant, the vote of the caucus, not binding, but humiliating," said the party's strategist. "Then the NDP's Federal Council vote.

"Choosing the time to spend is a great opportunity for the exit, because of the loss, it would unfortunately end. As a result of the liberal (simultaneously) campaign, I will doubt it."

Liberals have lately Richard T. Lee, the former B.C. For the parliament, after the first Karen Wang candidate to run on horseback, after a controversial campaign, Chinese people asked him to nominate the "only" nominee.

CBC News, however, has learned that the NDP works on a number of contingent plans, if Singh fails in South Burnaby.

B, C and beyond plans

For example, Singh loses and immediately leaves as leader, the only option would be to take a leadership competition on the stage: it would be a fast start to Ontario, when Patrick Brown was accused of being the head of the Bayonne Progressive Council. sexual behavior.

But the federal NDP has a very different place than the Ontario computers last year, when they saw the leadership vote as a replacement for Doug Ford Brown.

Provincial PCs were at the head of surveys; According to CBC's survey, only 14.2% of NDP support is available. Conservatives of Ontario left Brown at the time and could afford to pay a convention. The federal NDP, on the other hand, continues to struggle with subsidies.

Another option would be to see Caucus as an interim leader. Both names have been proposed in NDP circles as high as possible: B.C. MP Nathan Cullen and Quebec MP Guy Caron.

The provisional members elected by the Vice President should accept the federal council before leading the general elections, which would be a leadership race, only one way of choosing one single leader party rule.

Some members of Kukuxumusu are seen on the map as a departure point to Singh: to offer the position of the Deputy and Ontario lieutenant to run in Brampton East, to replace it in the province. Singhe managed to re-run the leadership of the party, which was politically enhanced by ensuring a Commons seating.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh finished closing the doors to Burnaby, B.C. Campaign, Saturday, January 12, 2019. (Darryl Dyck / CANADIAN PRESS)

Belanger said that if Singh had lost Burnaby to South and would later lose the way he would attempt to hang himself as a leader of the party through a leadership review.

But leadership reviews would happen in the party conventions – and the NDP will not select a convention after the federal election. In order to boost the leadership review, a special agreement should be called. It should only be called by the federal NDP federal or by the federation of horse-riding federations.

A NDP strategist, who has not asked for appointment, is skeptical of the special option of the convention: "Some part of me does not have faith in one of these people to bring a knife to fight.

"It is a challenge to face these people as the leader in the first vote (he participated in the leadership race) and then voted for it in February 2018. Participated in Ottawa Convention, 92.8 percent ( help). "

The worst is the worst

NDP MP and 2012 candidate nominee Peggy Nash said they were developing a contingency plan, if Singh lost Burnaby in South, it's obvious.

"I like to play chess and I always think that I have always had the support plans with a few movements. I think sound management is what happens when there is a contingency plan," said Nashek.

B.C. NDP MP Don Davies has said that Singh will take its seats next month, and the presence of its neighbors will strengthen its leadership. "They are looking for a lot of benefits, in our subsidies and in our general elections," he said. "I think everything will be better at Jagmeet home.

"It has been a success if it does not win what happens. I think that the good result of the win is to restart this chatter that is happening."

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