Monday , October 18 2021

The police investigate after the attack on the elevator of the Count of Burnaby


Burnaby RCMP asked the woman to apply for society on Friday morning at the early condominium pool.

The police said two days before they received a report on August 15 attacks against Nelson Avenue and Imperial Street Burnaby.

The victim said that an unknown man had entered him in the elevator, he was taken to death, stole his cell phone and fled.

CCTV-extracted images from the elevator reveal that men had more than one woman and had a mobile phone after escaping.

The woman suffered minor injuries and was treated in the hospital.

Pairs met each other

Following the police, initial investigations led men and women to enter the lifts and supposedly attacked them in a suite of the same building.

"The nature of this contact and the pre-existing incidents involving men and women in the lifts are still being investigated, but it may be an attack factor that may occur," said the news reads in part.

"At this time, the police do not seem to endanger the general public, it seems to be an isolated event and they would have known each other between men and women, before the incident, that is happening."

The police want to talk to the man who could attack him. It's Asian, with five feet 10 inches tall, with fast construction and black hair. He wears black jackets, black pants and red and black shoes. Finally, he was looking north from Nelson Street.

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