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The population of B.C passed 5 million euros through large international migrations

The British Columbia population has exceeded five million marks for the first time, according to Canadian Statistics estimates.

The report thanked the international migration thanks to all the regions that have seen the population increase.

The Canadian population was 37.2 million on October 1, for € 184,000, from July 1. Since 1971, it has been the largest population growth.

"I do not think it's amazing," said CBC, a graduate of immigration consultant at CICS Immigration Consulting, Alex Khadempour.

Statistics Canada has strengthened immigration levels, increased refugee claimants and non-permanent residents, many of which are work and study permits.

Khadempour said the growth of the B.C. population was due to the tendency of young international students to some extent. External links Change the source After graduating, he said.

"Comparing the other provinces, the B.C. economy is doing well … There are jobs and more provinces [permanent residency] The program is easier to navigate than other provinces, "said Khadempour.

Khadempour is home to more than 450,000 foreign students from Canada. Outdoor students are commonplace B.C. It is sponsored by the hospitality and catering industries and employers.

"This opens the opportunity to request permanent residence," said Khadempour.

Population Compliance

Carlos Teixeira, a geographic associate professor of geography at the Okanagan campus, said that migrant migrants have contributed significantly to the Canadian population.

"In the near future, immigrants and newer refugees, Canadian fertility rates are not very high," said Teixeira.

The aging population of Canada said, according to the Canadian Statistics Commission.

"We do not have a balanced pyramid of this country … Opening up the doors of the future is coming from all over the world," said Teixeira.

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