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The priest in Montreal has been blamed for sexual assault by Brian Boucher


Father Brian Boucher, left, arrives at the jury of Montreal with lawyer James Cocciardi.

Brian Boucher, left, arrives at the jury of Montreal with lawyer James Cocciardi.

Pierre Obendrauf / Montreal Magazine

Within an hour, father Brian Boucher sat on Tuesday sitting in a courtroom in Montreal, squeezing his hands and silently shaking his feet when a judge finished reading his decision.

Finally, the Judicial Court of the Judge Patricia Compagnone did not question: Boucher's incident version was not credible and authentic, while the story of the victim was the most credible, honest, and convincing.

"He believes in the testimony (victim's) testimony and finds trustworthiness," said Compagnon. "That's why the judge is convinced of a fair doubt on all of the sexual assaults."

As a result, Boucher, at 56, had three conflicts: sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual contact.

It will continue until Judgment at the end of the month of March, and that is why the fiscal coroner Annabelle Sheppard has said that she intends to clarify the "significant" imprisonment.

In a single unofficial ruling in November, the victim, whose identity is covered by editorial prohibition, said Boucher said he was 12 years old, and as the chief justice minister at the Diocese of the Virgin of Mount Royal.

The abuses of three years lasted between 2008 and 2011 and took place in the church of Boucher's room. He was painful, including oral sex, and escalated three times analytical penetration, he said.

Boucher, who had waited for the church duties in 2015, repeatedly denounced the trial.

He claimed the proclamation of the victim, an altar boy and then worked in the parish and worked for revenge claims, because Boucher briefly informed him that he had "immoral acts" with his church girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Compagnon promised not to say "the whole truth" and his testimony "to tell a story" (testimony to the victim). "

The crowd said the "baffled" defense argument victims did not give enough accurate details about attacks and people around the church were too many to have happened to them.

"Does the court really need sexual assaults that are almost always committed to secret doors?" He asked.

Boucher has worked in churches in Montreal, LaSalle, Dorval, Mount Royal and Senneville. He was also the captain of the McGill University.

This month he has organized another trial, arguing that the two men had similar ill-treatment.

In the thirties, a testimony from a man was approved in November to prove "a similar evidence", to defend the case of accusations and question the defendant's argument for the construction of his complaint.

He said that this man was between 1995 and 1999, Boucher was a priest at the Church of Saint-John-Brébeuf in LaSalle.

Family members asked Boucherri to move his chair to jail and become a tutor to the priest. Boucher touched him in the car and took him to the muffler, where he underwent abuse.

Boucher denied allegations.

In his opinion, Compagnon said that suggesting that both men invented similar stories in some way, asking them to "believe in unbelievable" and "not very impossible" outside of many years.

With the decision, Sheppard said Corona was pleased that the judge was "named as a victim of a sharp behavior committed by Boucher".

"It never leaves abuse years, a positive decision has not been changed for many years in a sexual disorder," said Sheppard, believing that he was not a victim.

"But I think it can be something that will help the relief and healing process to ensure that someone can not be responsible for someone else and someone else."

Defense lawyer James Cocciardi said he will review the decision.

The British artillery firm, when Sheppard declared that he had collaborated with a thorough investigation, gave a statement after the resolution.

"For various reasons, the court raises a sensitive field between the two churches and the diocesan bishops, between bishops and priests: shame, rebellion and anger feelings, confusion, sadness and compassion," he said.

"Archdiocese recognizes friendship with the diocesan authorities, friendship report, and the court proceedings began," he added.

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