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The pro-gas station houses about 1,600 students in the nearby town of 6,600

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Chad Miller teamed with the Oilfield Dads team, which brought together 1,000 people from Rocky Mountain House, who were suffering from the "worst-case recession depression" depression, and oil prices declined.

"Those who take rain rains and, sometimes, have used some savings, and even more so, the endless season is over." Miller said.

Chad Miller teamed with Oilfield Dads that Alberta was never an endless atmosphere. (Terri Trembath / CBC)

RSS feeds of's Twitter channel Facebook page »World Mundu News RSS feeds Twitter channel Among these, Bill C-69 National Energy Council and to revoke Bill C-48, they would prohibit the traffic in the northern coast of British Columbia.

In Medicine Hat, Alta, a convoy, attracted 650 vehicles last weekend, according to the police, and groups are organizing in February to go from western Canada to Ottawa.

"Today, said Ottawa, can we still hear?" Miller called for a crowd at the Saturday rally.

"Do not worry, they'll see us on the ottoman in February."

The truck convoy was also held on Saturday in Lloydminster, which runs through the border of Alberta-Saskatchewan.

This month, the federal government should spend $ 1,600 million, which energy companies face unreliable oil prices.

But Jason Nixon, instead of representing Rocky Mountain House, in the provincial legislature said Alberta wants everything he wants.

"Trudeau, we do not want your money. We want to get out of that way," Nixon told Rocky Mountain House.

The group says that in the Facebook event that Rally 4 Resources and Canada Action say is that the Ottoman convoy is scheduled to end on February 20 at the Parliament bridge. The message that the message says is for the industry, for individual and family photos, the Senate will give it.

The page emphasizes that the ceremony is not called a campaigner called Yellow, which defends pipelines, but Canada has signed a United Nations migration treaty.

"To be clear, the policies proposed by the government of Justin Trudeau are bad, but we do not push political parties. This move is to help our families," Facebook post state.

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