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The Quebec hospital, like the province, spread the flu

Quebec's emergency room rooms are turning off this holiday season and it spreads throughout the province.

The Canadian Public Health Agency has steadily grown in cases of country and casino disease. Earlier this month, the agency has described flu as a "broad" province.

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In Quebec, the Laval center's central hospital (CHUL) is 109% and the capital's Enfant-Jésus area is 115 percent.

In Thetford Mines, the hospital is 160 percent. In Montreal, South Shore, Anna-Laberge's Châteauguay has nearly doubled its 187 percent potential.

The Hôpital du Suroit of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield has 145 percent.

In more than Longueuil, Pierre-Boucher stands up to 120 per cent.

Hospitals by country

Montreal hospitals have also seen the influx of patients.

"Our hospitals are getting seizures," said Dr. Catherine Farrell, a pediatric intensive care specialist at Sainte-Justine. "Our emergency rooms are really overloaded."

Hôpital Fleury's rate is 139 percent.

Maisonneuve-Rosemont reported 102 percent.

"Influenza and gastroenteritis are very infectious infections that are more common during the winter," says hospital web. "Simple hygiene measures can be avoided, such as hand washing."

Flu can be treated at home in most cases

According to the Montréal website, eating more habits, less sleep, hugs and generosity are common in public holidays and viruses and infections are spread.

However, he says, there are alternatives to emergency escorts. These options are called Info-Santé (811) to get advice from a medical professional.

Most cases of flu can be treated at home. The Quebec Ministry of Health recommends medical care, difficult breathing and other symptoms of fever.

Last year, at this time, emergency situations were similar.

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