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The RCMP demonstrates a story about two liberal MPs, a subway, India traveler and a multimillion dollar land deal


The city of Brampton, a city in Toronto, urges the RCMP to study a million-million-dollar land after confiscating confidentiality on the transaction, Liberal MPs Navdeep Bains and Raj Grewal, sources said on Friday.

The City Council includes a special Mounties conference on Tuesday, confirming national messages.

The information received by Bidaso – the Minister of Economic Development – and Grewal, recently, due to the resignation of its seat and related debts, including the price assigned to it, the Ontario Government offered about $ 33 million.

After speaking to the city and the provinces, Goreway Heaven Inc. It was bought by a local company a similar amount and then sold to a city of $ 4.4 million, according to two sources.

Goreway Heaven, Liberal, seems to be in a position to take part in one of the most important ministries of the Indian Prime Minister this year. Half of the managers have made two or more donations in the federal Liberal party.

For its part, it is MP. That's it

The territory was sold to the city in January of this year. A month later, Goreway Heaven Baghwan's director, "Gary" Grewal, did not have any MP, but a former Liberal Horseman of Mississauga-Streetsville, who visited Trudeau in India, represents her only Facebook invitation page.

"Honor to the Honorary PM Trudeau delegation," says in a post.

Grewal's pages participated in a visit to the Raj Grewal, Bains, Harjit Sajjan Minister of Defense and many other Liberal MPs.

Failed to get Baghwan Grewal comment.

Raj Grewal said the spokesman had received a report from the city that there was no land and he did not do anything about it.

They would recommend escaping the price of Goreway Heaven's price "false," said Grewal representative Joel Etienne.

Danish spokesman Dani Keenan said the minister has never shared with anyone or is using confidential information about the Goreway project.

"Any false insinuation or claim of false crimes will be answered in the category and its lawyer," said Keenan.

Brampton's parliamentary representatives at Navdeep Bains and Sonia Sidhu in India attended Bhagwan Grewal, right, saying that Goreway Heaven was participating in a land deal, he mentioned the city of Brampton to the RCMP.


Two Goreway Director said that the company had 24 bidders on the ground and they were bought for the development of a funeral. When the sites were "locked" and they could not get their project permission, they could not sell it, the businessman said.

The company did not know beforehand what the city offered them, the additional directors Jaswinder Bhatti and Kulwant Riarh, and they were not even discussed with the MP. Bhatti sometimes said with Grewal, but he was the sole member of his own.

"We buy as 20 property in the year. We have never discussed it, and never has any lawyer or attorney," said the director. "The MP is in that area. Nothing."

The Pointer news website broke the story on Thursday, Hasneet Punia, Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey's outgoing staff headed a "leaked" price figure by Bains and Grewal.

But Marcel Wieder, the Aurora Strategy Group, who nominates the official, said Punia was doing his job. Only the report of the two parliamentary staff provided the internal price of the project, including a part of convincing the federal government to convince the city to finance the planned project.

"The city paid a portion of the confidential report passed to the two parliamentarians on the city of the Goreway Drive so much information about the city, and Mr. Punia did not use the information on this idea any more," said Wieder.

Chantal Gagnon, a press secretary, Trudeau, has said that Bhagwan Grewal will not participate in the negotiated journey as part of the official representation of the Prime Minister, but individual MPs have invited specific events. Raj Grewal said he did not ask the Goreway Heaven director.

The artificial land is growing Grewal's controversy, with less than a week's resignation. After mentioning personal and medical reasons, Trudeau's office, and later Grewal himself, revealed the problem of the game and the resulting debts.

Media reports indicate that the RCMP has been investigating millions of dollars of financial activity around $ 1 million in PP cases and elsewhere, the Conservative Senator says 18 months ago he learned that Grewal was a great game for his research.

The city of Brampton lasted 20 years in the Mississauga border to clear the traffic bottleneck, crossing the track tracks.

He negotiated to buy land for the provincial project, but Ontario requested more than $ 3.3 billion from Brampton.

Then, in February 2017, Goreway bought the package with Bhatti and Riarh, who appreciated $ 3.3- $ 3.5 million. Riarh said the company bought $ 2 million for the purchase, and planned to build a large truck terminal or warehouse and a funeral home.

Recently sold to Brampton, Ont., Confidential Information, apparently, from the Greens Liberal Democrat, with the help of the mayor of the city.

J.P. Moczulski for Postmedia News

In January, Goreway sold more than $ 1 million in the city, a source said Brampton had now noticed that he had no choice of ownership.

Bhatt said the price of $ 4.4 million was sensible, that Goreway Heaven had to face all of his expenses once and for all, and that he did not now use the package.

"You have to pay a mortgage, you have to pay land transfer taxes … Then you have to hire all people to develop this land," he said. "We have developed development plans, sent to the city, along with their fees. If you add up, how much does it cost?"

Many Goreway's directors seem to be members of the Liberal Party.

According to Canadian Elections, Bhagwan Grewal earned $ 6,000 from the federal party since 2009.

There are names that correspond to other Canadian directors in Canada's electoral data: Kiran Malhotra, about $ 1,000 in Liberal, Gurmeet Sidhu, about $ 3,000, Jaswinder Bhatti, $ 3,000 (similar to NDP plus) and Upinder Dhanoa, $ 616 for liberal 2015 (and $ 450 Conservatives in 2009).

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