Sunday , January 17 2021

The RCMP roadblock has been lifted and accepts that the media have access to the anti-pipeline camp access

The RCMP has opened its roadblock to the north of the BC on the remote forest road. This project has been the focus of a United Nations protests against natural gas, 300 kilometers west of Prince George.

After a day and a half, Wet's sonar's Nation's inheritance leaders signed an agreement with the RCMP, which, on Monday, restricted supporters and the media. Police arrested 14 people in Gidimt's fortress at the campsite.

They are joining Mounties court to join the GasLink Gas Natural Gas project on the coast to access a road and bridge that has no blockades against the project. TransCanada Corp. currently officially known as the TC Energy project, and natural gas at the GC North East B.C. To build the coastline where liquefied natural gas is projected.

Elderly people, supporters and the media are passing to the "Unist in" camp, which will provide more details of the deal.

Wet & # 39; suwet's Nation members set camps for fortifications, only if GasLink crew of the coast can pass them if they have permission from the hereditary leaders.

Chiefs in debates

Hereditary leaders spent a few hours on Tuesday, talking with the RCMP and the next to talk with each other.

In an open letter published on the company's website, the chairman of Coastal GasLink, Rick Gateman, wrote that "the unfortunate RCMP should act."

"Judicial action has been taken as a last resort and, after six years of unsuccessful effort to find a solution," he reads in a few words.

"We respect the rights of individuals to express their views positively, as long as their activities do not endanger citizens' safety, workers, contractors or their security."

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