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The Reason for Zion 2019, Oscar & # 39; Does not have hosts

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The night of television history needs more what happens.

Comedy Kevin Hart has decided to leave the host offer this year, after the homophobic tweets have passed, the Oscars will not be able to find a substitute.

Instead, the Academy has decided to make an alternative way and has not had any host this year.

Kevin Hart left the inn

Homophobic tweets after a few weeks after a string, actor and comic book Kevin Hart acknowledged after the Oscars.

Acadamy was ready to be able to be able to host the Hart awards host, but Kevin Hart asked for his last tweet pardon.

Comedía activated the offer in video of Instagram: "I will be and I will be on my ground. However, thanks to the Academy, I thank you and thank you for it. If it goes away, it does not lack any harm".

He has taken a comedy to Twitter for his past tweets to apologize and stay there. "I chose the opportunity to take part in the Oscars of this year … I would like to thank the LGBTQ community for not forgetting my past words," I would like to thank for the LGBTQ community. "

Kevin Hart Kevin Hart | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The Academy took the opportunity to show tricks in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, it was taken by Kevin Hart. Instead, Hart decided to make an Oscar nomination for Ellen DeGeneres's public request.

Comedy appeared on Good Morning America last Wednesday, where he would not go to the "give energy" debate.

Hart said: "I've done it. No more energy is achieved. Last time, I did this. There's no conversation. I've done it with him, I'm more than myself."

For the first time, 30 years, Oscars will continue without a host and many of us do not know how to feel about it.

A plan B is always b

I'll see it as if 2019 Oscar Awards No host, the show still needs to be done.

It is evident that producers choose to list some celebrities in the list, so they can access different segments throughout the show instead of just one person to face this year's event.

So, of course, it's not a monologue to open!

The show is set to air in a short space of six weeks, the producers and the Motion Picture Arts and Science Academy are trying to find the best celebrities to perform their event.

There is no intention of finding someone who can handle the host, so the Academy will do its utmost to keep this event going to be a top-notch.

Kevin Hart thinks the comedy hopes that her apology on homophobic tweets in her past will be accepted one day. This comedy reaction is about talking about the situation and plans.

The 91th Annual Academy Awards We will take off on February 24 and see that the Academy is working at night!

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