Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Rock Says & # 39; Generation Snowflake & # 39; Never Took Place (Video)

Rock talked about it Star of the day This article about "generation snowflake" goes back to us, because conversation has never happened.

The Rock released a new video by denying the initial interview in Instagram, saying no words had ever been said and the conversation did not happen:

Set the record live.
The conversation never happened.
Never say those words.
100% false.
If someone ever had a group, community or generation, I tried to find these problems, create a conversation and understand my best.
My style is not criticized.
I do not throw stones and we are all of us.
#millies #plural # boomers #TequilaGeneration

Rock said he was quite baffled when he read that the article was manufactured at 100%, and comments like those that appear in the conversation are not real and that's not who it is.

Today, Daily Stark has given the following comments to The Rock:

"That's a democracy. Many people fought for freedom and equality, but this generation seeks reason for reason. If you do not agree with them, they are unexpectedly happening, which is not so much for most men and women.

"We live happily in the world in the last 30 or 40 years," said the 46-year-old beefcake. "People can be who they want, who wants to be and wants to live like that. That can only be a good thing – but creating a snowflake or, if you want to call whatever you want, we are really going back. "

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