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The Roomba lawnmower is finally happening

iRobot is the largest home automation robot, Roomba linear, a robotic army of internal cleaning robot that absorbs dust and dirt on your floor. But about that other Are you still a tough giant outfit? That's why Roomba lawnmower is here: iRobot Terra.

A room has been rumored for a lawnmower for years. The company has robomower patents during 2008, and by 2015 the company could request FCC's legal system to navigate its external navigation system. The original Roomba was introduced in 2002, iRobot is a home-based robot market. To wait 17 years in the air, iRobot competes in a competitor competition, Robomow, Husqvarna's Automower line, Honda Miimo and Worx mechanics, among other things.

Many roomba bases go to the airport. Terra is still a robot battery with wheels around your property. It has all the unlimited wireless capabilities that allow parking on the external charger and reduces power. He uses the same "Home" application called Roomba, so you can relax indoors and still keep the robot in hot sun.

iRobot has said Terra uses the "Smart Mapping Imprint" technology as the newer indoor Roombas. This means that the older Roombas spiral of navigation is dead and Terra grass will be cut in straight lines and pleasant. They are beacons that make up the navigation system together with the package. iRobot's press release is clear in detail, but the giant antenna on the back of the robot will try to put these glasses around the yard and the robot triangles its location. In addition to being the iRobot system described by the FCC in 2015, iRobot expects a typical residential community to have four or nine stakes on the ground. Do you think other robots penetrate a wire around your perimeter yard?

With regard to physical obstacles, Terra happily enters a fence or next to your home, will turn it on and continue like an indoor bot. To avoid having flower beds or unstable locations, you can dial floating fields in the application without physical barriers. There is also a small physical remote control.

iRobot said that Earth will start for the first time in Germany, which is taking place in the US beta in 2019. There is still no price, but the Terra competitions range from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

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