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The Russian space program "Crisis" exploded by David Saint-Jacques


While astronauts from Russia, David Saint-Jacques, during astronauts' astronauts, they are able to find a niche that is evolving rapidly in a rapidly growing sector, and will continue to be important.

The mission of Saint-Jacques, in its first space trip, will be a trip to the International Space Station (ISS), from Soyuz MS-10 on October 11.

Dec. There will be 3 events in the Roscosmos, Russian NASA version count.

The Russian space agency is not in favor of an existential crisis, said Pavel Luzin, a space analyst and professor at the University of Perm, Ural.

"I do not think we are a trusted member of the United States and Europe," said Luzin, who wrote a PhD thesis on Russian and American space policy. "I see a decline [and] long-term crisis, based on the ability to adapt our economic and scientific policy to today's world. "

Russian and foreign critics respond to productivity and financial problems, which have caused problems in the guided tour of the Roscosmos program and triggered its current missions.

Luzin's space program is especially important for President Vladimir Putin, one of the few areas, which Russia can still be the same in the United States.

"Ballistic fall" & # 39;

In October, in the Soyuz MS-10 mission, he achieved a two-minute flight in a nail-biting fashion to properly differentiate the nuclear booster rockets.

Roscosmos cosmonauta Oleg Kononenko, right and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques present with Soyuz booster rocket before launching MS-10 void. (Yuri Kochetkov / Reuters)

For this reason, the emergency escape system of the crew capsule was automatically launched, with Russian and American astronauts flying on the table three times at regular speed, called "balistic descent".

Russian researchers failed to design tension voltage designed to distinguish booster rockets. Metallic two-centimeter-length metal mechanics or engineers apparently damaged the assembly of the table.

"Fortunately, engineers around the world have worked hard to explain what happened," said Saint-Jacques in a Moscow interview. "We are very sure that we now know what happened and we have found the path we have not found again."

Fortunately so. Russian engineers also wanted to explain what they found in September: aHe punched ISS's Russian orbiter section.

At first, some Roscosmos demonstrated that ISS could be sabotage in the US in the United States. But it seems that what happened in Earth was in a Russian manufacturing factory when they tried to cover mistakes.

The Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will make his first trip in December. (Pascal Dumont / CBC)

Money stolen

The Kremlin Inspector reveals a tidy criticism this week about how astronomers, Russian space financial programs and productive problems.

The innovation agency RIA Novosti quoted Alexei Kudrin, Head of the Russian Account Office, as saying, "Roscosmos has big problems."

Kudrin suggeIn fact, there was no directing. "Several billions [of rubles] They have been lost, that is, they are basically stealing and investigating. "

The Russian television station said that there was "irrational expenditure", the prices of the contractors swollen agency and Roscosmos somehow continues the money for endless or inactive projects.

The statue is in the city of Perm, in Ural de Rusia, with about 7,000 people working in the space industrial space. (Pascal Dumont / CBC)

On Tuesday, the Russian prosecutor revealed that 16 cases were punished by Roscosmos employees for the delivery of poor or poor quality products and fraud.

Agencies had more than 200 people in attendance. Among the many instances mentioned by the prosecutors, the construction of the new Vostochny Spatial Space invested $ 152 million in the eastern United States.

Essential cooperation

At least the next year or so, Russia and the United States do not choose to work together.

When the NASA Space Shuttle curve began, Soyuz rockets in Russia had the only way to obtain NASA astronauts, as well as others from Canada, Europe and Japan.

Approximately $ 500 million of US NASA's Roscosmos pays for Soyuz seats each year, and parts for other rockets, which is a critical US $ 1.8 million budget. Roscosmos receives the government of Putin.

But by the end of 2019, NASA is making more of its astronauts to move to US private markets, cheaper, reusable rockets, and finally rebuilding crew capsules.

Pavel Luzin, Perm Space Analyst, Boeing, Elon Musk, SpaceX, and Jeff Bezos's "Blue Origin" companies have exceeded the Roscosmos assignments. The Russian agency has not been able to compete with future space technologies.

"Russia's space industry works like Soviet space industry and can not work in the market environment."

The space analyst Pavel Luzin believes that Russia's space agency is facing nothing more than an existential crisis. (Pascal Dumont / CBC)

In the interviews with CBC, Roscosmos officials reduced the challenges and expressed optimism for the future.

"The more you fly, the more risk you have," said Sergei Krikalev, director of the crew of Space Managed by Roscosmos, who runs the Saint-Jacques mission.

Krikalev revealed confidence in the unsuccessful investigation and the implementation of Roscosms.

"A lot of people are working to provide hardware security and reliability," he said.

Krikalev said that Roscosmos has launched a Sokatira Soyuz rocket without a fluctuation on November 16 to indicate that the booster problem has been solved.

Although technology developed more than 60 years ago, Soyuz's varied variants of rockets have been remarkably durable. Roscosmos won 53 straight before the ups and downs of October.

The meeting is important before

Publicly, NASA officials attempted to face Russian efforts to face Soyuz mishap and trust the Roscosms management team.

But in an unusual step, NASC called on Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, to reach the United States in early 2019 in discussions about future collaboration in space.

Headed by Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, the astronomer of Nick Hague, left and weekend at the cosmonauts, Alexei Ovchinin, believes that this photo was taken after Soyuz launched in October. (Roscosmos through Associated Press)

Former Russian Prime Minister, who was closely linked to Putin, is not allowed to travel to the United States, Rogozin, the United States Penalties and the United States. His trip demands a special handicap from the United States Department of State, as NASA talks about the importance of talking face to face.

Rogozin explains the ambitious plans planned for the decade's space space. They participate in an unexpected lunar space proposal to develop high-speed rocket launches of Angara and the Reusable Cupola called the Union Federation.

Despite a decade of development, the new heavy rocket programs have been successful. There is no end time for the Federation. And a new space space in the Far East of Rome was the replacement of the Baikonur Kosmodrome (Soviet Russians) who rented Kazakhstan from the Soviet Union.

David Saint-Jacques, who has spent the last two years of study in the Russian Star City outside of Moscow, has reduced concerns over the first years of Russia.

"Russians are very proud of the achievements in space, and they are good reasons to be proud," he said.

"There are many ways to enter into the coming orbit. With all the players, I think we have a bright future."

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