Monday , June 21 2021

The Senate rescues the debate on the Law of Labor, as Canadian Post Staff as Halifax Strike

The Senator resumed his seat on Monday to study a factor that could be made to turn two strikes in the Canadian post while entering the sixth week.

But the higher house may not go through the government rush to move through the postal service during the holiday season.

Some independent senators say that postal workers reduce the right to strike, the bill is not constitutional, violates the right to solidarity and freedom of expression.

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And the independent Senate Murray Sinclair, the former judge, proposes a vote that the law will leave it illegal for at least 7 days after it has received a royal assent.

The Liberal Government proposes the beginning of the bill starting at the fifteenth day of the fifteenth day of the commencement of the invoice. On Tuesday afternoon the Senate passes through no changes.

The amendment of the Senate of the Parliament would lead to a delay of at least another day in the place where the bill is returned to the House of Representatives. In this case, the Parliament should decide on the acceptance or dismissal of the change and then bill the Senate.

Bill C-89 was debated on Saturday, with the high-speed camera, the Liberal government improved its legislation through the Supreme Court.

But despite being an initial plan to continue the debate – and a vote could be made – on Sunday, the senator chose to give a special day a work-related conflict witness testimony time.

In the meantime, the Labor Minister, Patti Hajdu, said that a special mediator aside from the Canadian Post and the Union of the Union of the Union of the Union has made a special mediator, and both sides do not trade.

Negotiations have been running for about a year, but there has been a worsening conflict since the CUPW members started up violent raids.

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Walpouts has run streaming and packaging deliveries at major distribution centers in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Picket lines were held Monday in British Columbia, Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey, and Ontario, including Hamilton, Ajax, North York, Pickering, and London. Likewise, staff members in Halifax and Dartmouth, N.S.

Sen. Peter Harder, the top-house government representative, called Senators, would no longer billed.

"It is a powerful government vision, if it does not act to protect public interest, it has been too late," said the Senate, arguing that "it is not only inadequate".

"Strikes are a critical time for merchants," said Harder. "Unlike other types of commercial e-commerce transactions, holiday holidays will not be delayed anymore. These companies are real and real business missions."

Canadian Post said Monday that mail and package attachments are "serious" and "expected to worsen" after Friday after processing Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday requests.

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In the statement, the post office has been postponing delays in the country and is expected during the holiday season and January 2019.

Unions want to pay better and guarantee work-related security, guaranteeing 8,000 rural and outdoor transport hours and equal opportunities for corporations with 42,000 employees.

The CUPW also hopes that the Canadian Post will accept rules that reduce work injuries, and a unions say it is currently in a state of crisis.

The Union will decide whether to turn the bill into law this week, with its national president, Mike Palecek, putting all the options on the table.

The previous conservative government ended the 2011 blockade of a 2011 mailbox closure, if approved by professional law. The court declared it later unconstitutional.

But the Liberal government argues that its bill is a different one, because it does not set new immediate contracts.

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The 2011 invoice imposed a settlement for the Canadian Post, which today would be issued by a mediation arbitrator appointed by the government of 90 days to obtain contractual liquidations. In this case, a decision may be made by choosing an arbitrator's decision or choosing from the latest proposals from Canada Post and CUPW.

Writing the prosecutor's draft, Harder has said that the government has taken judicial decisions and is convinced that the right to strike is a drastic provision of rights against a liberal and democratic right.

Independent Sen. Marc Gold, former law professor of the constitution, said the government agrees to the guy.

But the other independent Andre O. Pratte has said that the bills "have a fair and negotiated agreement that is impossible with the solitary source of power to negotiate."

"The right to criminal is essential … I think they should spend more time negotiating to achieve good results," he said.

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