Wednesday , October 20 2021

The senator of Eugene Melny, who has recovered more than $ 1 million


OTTAWA – Leader of Ottawa Senators has fought between partners between Eugene Melny and John Ruddy.

Ruddy and Trinity Development Group Inc. Melnyk and Capital Sports Management Inc. companies collect more than $ 1 billion, after ratifying it on Tuesday.

Last month, Melny introduced a record of 700 million dollars against Ruddy, Trinity and others, in order to prevent both parties from upgrading land plans in LeBreton Flats, the new NHL arena and other developments. .

In the bankruptcy, Trinity calls Melnyk's "meritless" lawsuit and "John Ruddy's claim is especially scandalous."

"CSMI and Melnyk's real goal is to build a city of Ottawa or the Trinity Foundation and build a 500-million-year-old $ 500 million Hockey Team, a 30-year-old Senator, with CSMI also qualifying for registration rights and LeBreton's" .

Melnyk, in his case, proclaimed Trinity that he was developing real estate competing directly with LeBreton.

National corporation corporation LeBreton Land said last month that Melnyk-Ruddy RendezVous LeBreton's team was in January to resolve internal co-operation issues or look for other options for developing the site.

Ruddy, in a statement, said he hopes to continue working at LeBreton.

"Let me be clear, I promise to carry out this project," he said. "The advanced vision is straightforward, I will work with NCC, Ottawa City and the community to prevent this project from becoming a reality and avoid losing these major territories for a number of generations."

Senator Kanata operates in the Canadian External Center outside Ottawa.

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