Saturday , January 23 2021

The sentence against the trial of justice opens to the official Joe Smyth RNC

New York King Joe Smyth's former chief executive has sued on Wednesday since it was launched on Monday, and Smyth criticized the "motorcycle and nonprofessional" motorcycle driver in May 2017.

Sayy Husaini, a resident of San Juan, told the court in San Juan de Smyth, a few months before, that he was driving the motorcycle that was driving Husain.

"[Smyth] He said, "The Park, because we'll have a long interview & # 39; "he reminded Husain.

"He was very angry and I saw his gun."

Smyth was the subject of a judicial questionnaire that was dropped by Don Cheriff's injured worker in 2015 when he retired at Mitchells Brook.

Husain said the court was told by Smyth that "each card was possible".

Smyth sent four tickets to Husain, which occurred on May 12, 2017: with a red light, cars, illegal changes and driving tire defects.

Husaini proved that it was a GoPro camera for his motorcycle, and when he revised the footage, he did not meet the red light. He then decided to tackle the tickets.

In the end, the revenues from Husain were dropped.

The crown is currently in charge of opposing Smyth's justice.

The GoPro video clamart was played on Monday in court, when traffic lights were green when Husaini was driving.

Smyth lawyer Jerome Kennedy said Smyth had issued a mistake.

Three-day trial is expected.

Smyth stopped paying

Commissioner Leo Barry, when he supervised judicial investigation into Dunphy's death, Smyth "proved some mistakes and was not compatible with his training parties, but he responded in a timely manner that Dunphy did not warn him of the rifle."

In July 2018 when improperance of justice is prevented, RNC Chief Joe Boland announced that Smyth was not paid without paying.

"To ensure the public, any RNC police officer is not acceptable and is not allowed to secure it within this police service," said Boland at the time.

Joe Boland, head of the Royal Ternua Constabulary, announced last year that the errors made by the RNC officials will not be allowed. (CBC)

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) group was investigated at Traffic Station, when Boland requested an outside agency, which was the result of a person who was "not a crime". According to ASIRT.

In July, Kennedy said, "I think the evidence that ASIRT reveals does not or does not support the acceptance of the position."

"Salvage effect of the study [into the death of Don Dunphy] and I think who is surely what's going on, "he added.

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