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The "shocking" Huawei CFO Canadian arrests threatens until the commerce troops between the United States and China


On the same day, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping made a trade war in Argentina, with 7,000 thousands of Canadian authorities threatening to make the U.S.-Chinese conflicts much worse.

The United States is pursuing extradition of the head of the financial department of Wanzhou Meng, Huawei Technologies Co., as a result of Canada's arrest on December 1 that violates Iran's sanctions. China was immediately upset at the attack on Wednesday to try to move the two countries to Meng. Later, the foreign ministry said why he was still detained for details and that trade talks should continue.

Time and mode are shocking. It is not often that OMG appears in our internal debates

Andrew Gilholm, North Asia Analysis Supervisor at the Control Risks Group

It's hard to thank the detainee's importance in Beijing: Meng Huawei's founder daughter, China's national champion champion, to be self-sufficient in strategic technologies. In the United States, while allies are demanding democrats, arms dealers and other criminals asking for extradition, the arrest of an important Chinese executive is very common, if not unprecedented.

"Such a time and way is shocking," said Andrew Gilholm, director of North Asia Analysis at the Control Risks Group, on the phone. "It's not often that OMG appears in our internal debates."

The stock market continued its third day of running on Thursday as a result of the arrest of execution due to fear of two new economic power.

Right now, it is clear what role Trump Meng's arrest or act involved for a moment. US leaders have been trying to convince the world over the last few days, and for investors in skeptical investors, China has agreed to the main concessions by reducing or eliminating United States car prices. Stocks went all over Asia on Thursday.

US President, Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in a Beijing innovation stand, made the story of the previous day. The title says that the two leaders did not increase their agreement. China's economic conditions left the trade war trade unchanged with the United States, but complex bargaining warned it.

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Analysts said it was likely that the case was separately opposed to commerce talks Trump efforts to step up oppression against Chinese companies doing economic espionage and sanctions. In October, the United States released an official Belgian shareholder who allegedly steals the secrets of trade in the United States, unprecedented.

In all ways, China is almost certain that Meng's arrests are a major escalation in the military trade and will foster the wider cold war between the big world economies. In trade talks, Trump has stressed China's support to the government as part of the "Made in China 2025" strategic sectors, artificial intelligence and robotics.

& # 39; New Game & # 39;

"Negotiations will definitely make it difficult for them to believe they will increase their pressure within 90 days," said Dennis Wilder, former analyst at the CIA's China and senior director of Asia, at the National Security Council's President George W. Bush. Bush.

"This is a sign that there is a new game," said Wilder about the latest arrests in the US. "They are trying to cross the Chinese spy and it is clear that they are the real consequences".

Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou's profile will be displayed on a Huawei computer in Beijing, China, on December 6, in a Huawei store.

Canadian Press / AP-Ng Han Guan

It may not be better to customize a business threat detected than a Huawei company. Apple Inc. has advanced its mobile devices and surpasses Samsung Electronics Co. this year by 102.2 million US dollars sales. More than Boeing. Video camera is shooting for fifth-generation wireless television. The greatest chips in America.

That's why Trump named Qualcomm Inc-Broadcom Inc. he blocked the merger It was the biggest deal, saying it would take 5G to China. Huawei has been blocked from selling Australia and New Zealand equipment, the Korean contract has been frozen and is also targeted at Papua New Guinea.

Recent Huawei United States actions may be even more important. As the company progresses in its microloans, it still uses American equipment in the network and mobile phones. ZTE Corp., one of China's other technology companies, rescinded the United States sanctions against Iran's sanctions, rescued Trump ahead of Xi's request.

The Chinese ZTE showed that China's leaders became independent from the U.S., as regards critical technologies such as semiconductors and network infrastructure, according to Graham Webster, a Washington coordinator-based think tank New America.

"What is important in Huawei is that it is the leader in technology development that China does not dominate the United States or European suppliers," he said. "Huawei's senior management is seeking a goal of extradition the United States government is a major, coordinated or not."

Some analysts in China show that the US national security system does not intend to resolve an agreement, which Trump thinks.

"Their purpose is to break down into China," said Wang Yong Peking University School of International Studies. "Negotiations are Trump and Wall Street aspirations."

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