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The sky has arrived: Terminally ill gran enjoys the first flight

A LARGE GRIDER marked a piece of item from his ship's list, as it did in the first place.

For 20 years he has suffered a perforated eardrum, Elizabeth McNamee, 81, advised him not to have a doctor.

And despite his hole in the healing of the eardrum, Elizabeth, friend and family Betty, took a hint, and never set foot on the airport for 60 years.

When he had recently diagnosed lung cancer, while he lasted two months to six months, Betty opened her wings.

His son created the wish list Andy had done before he died, and Betty had a private flight in the heavens.

Instead of applauding the outdoor climate, the 18-year-old Betty's grandmother made a trip to Benslie Airport, Northern Ayrshire, even though she saw her home from heaven.

Andy approaches Prestwick Flying Club about his mother's desire to kill him, and the rider Lewis Anderson took a Bulldog flying spin.

Brave Betty, now with pancreas, neck and throat tumors, said: "I do not think I thought it was as bad as I thought.

It was pretty nice. I had to do it a few years ago.

Andy Andy said: "He loved it very much, of course, it was his first and last.

He was more than the moon, he could not believe. & # 39;

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