Monday , September 26 2022

The Supreme Court will hear James Forcillo's appeal in Sammy Yatim's film


The Canadian Supreme Court will not hear the Toronto police attempted murder trial five years ago as a murder of teenage death by Sammy Yatim.

On a Friday morning decision, the country's prime minister denied Konst. James Forcillo refuses his convention and his sentence.

In an unusual trial, the jury acquitted Forcillo in a second murder in 2016, but was convicted of the death of Yatim on the Dundas tram on July 27, the night of 2013. Forcillo spent six years in prison – one year after the attempted murder was compulsory.

The attempt to kill a conventional volley in the second shot forced Forcillo to cheat on the floor and shot after the death.

Forcillo's lawyers argued that the volume of the first and second shots were not distributed in distributed events. They also favored Forcillo's speech.

The three lawyer Forcillo, Michael Lacy, was in court Thursday, but gave a brief statement through Twitter.

"Mr. Forcillo asked for his right [Supreme Court] to stop appealing. The court did not condemn this morning. We respect the decision, "Lacy replied.

"This ends the judicial procedure and Mr. Forcillo will continue his sentence."

Forcillo official only weapon fire

Forcillo was the first officer to answer a call when answering a young caller sitting on a bandits, marking a knife. Only Yatim stood in the street when the police arrived.

Forcillo shot three initial shots, and Yatim dropped to the tram floor and shot six other shots.

He was captured in the video shoot, circulated in circulation and the police sparked a national debate on the use of force.

The wreath separated two bombs in two separate positions: the second level was linked to the murder of the foreground, and the murder was a second-rate accident.

Forcillo condemned the latter.

In April, the Supreme Court of Ontario ruled out the appeal of Forcillo to his convention and his sentence.

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