Thursday , November 21 2019
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The switch reads another comic book in Iznon

Similar to Inky Pen, Izneo is a niche service – no DC and Marvel here – it charges $ 8 per month for subscription passwords, which allows Dark Horse and IDW access to 1,500 comics for European publishers. And you can separate individual comics that are not included in the premium plan.

Those of Izneo iOS or Android will see that their collections will be synchronized to all devices, so you can continue to compare them with what you started on your device. Additionally, you can download comics to offline and read the console to read on your TV. Oh, the lack of touch control, Joy-Cons will use to navigate the app.

Inky Pen and Izneo, the owner of Change now has plenty of indies. (And, in that case, Comixology would also provide the usual rate). The console is still crazy with two niche comic book libraries and Netflix.

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